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Tuesday, Jan 1 2008 - a kiss is not just a kiss...

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...especially when it is a hershey's kiss (or 1/2 a bag full)! :laugh5: since ralph was working, those were my kisses at midnight. :) i can't remember the last time i had a hershey kiss. considering all the indulgences i allowed myself during the past 2 weeks or so, it's amazing that these were the first of the kiss variety. :)

i am not sad or depressed though. i don't have any regrets at all. overall, i feel great about what i have done for my health in 2007 and i look forward to continued success in 2008. I may have gained a bit during the holidays, but the horse is waiting for me and I am getting right back up. my goals are not lofty. i don't care how much i lose. i just want to keep moving in the right direction.

speaking of moving, i just ordered the qvc today's special value (nothing like shopping on new year's eve). it's a set of 5 leslie sansone walking dvds and it includes a stretch band. i have several of her dvds and love these work outs so i am motivated to get back into a good work out regimen! i highly recommend her programs so if you read this on 1/1/08 check out qvc.com for this deal.

i have decided not to pursue the sales career. it's just not for me and i know it. i would be wasting everyone's time, including my own. however, i will put an all out effort into finding a great job during the next few months.

i am also thinking about moving my blog to a more public site and see if i can earn an income. i have been reading about people who are making a steady income just from their blogs. it's all in the ads you place on the blog. thanks to all your kind words about my blog, i think i might have a shot. i don't expect to make a living, but any income stream would be nice. i will keep you all posted...:)

we had a small dinner party on saturday night (about 17 people) and it was great fun. most of the guys moved to the den to watch the foodball game at 8:00 pm. the rest of us continued to laugh and drink together in a very festive mood. i love to laugh, can you tell? anyway, i did all the cooking but hired a waiter to handle the kitchen for me. even though it was a small group, i didn't want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking, serving and cleaning. i wanted to have a good time and be with my friends. it was an added expense, but worth every penny. by the time he left the kitchen was 90% cleaned, the buffet was cleared and the leftovers safely stored in the fridge.

life is good and i am thankful for so much. i look forward to a happy and healthy new year with all of you.


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a decade ago

Hi Grace!
I wish you a very happy new year:)




a decade ago

Your plan sounds like a good one good luck to you!:)




a decade ago

:wave1: I saw QVC and it looked like a good program...I use a couple of hers for Seniors...so I did not order...Hope the first day of 2008 is going well.....:)




a decade ago

Sounds like you've had a great holiday season, Grace. And your plan for getting back on the horse sounds great, too! Happy New Year! :kiss:




a decade ago

:rock1: Happy New Year!:rock1: I'm glad you celebrated with laughter and friends and eliminated the drudgery. I'm all for drudgery relief. :thumbu2: As far as the writing, I recently got a book "Artist & Graphic Designer's Market" with listings, of publishers, galleries, fairs, etc....I'm wondering if they must have something like that for writing. :huh: [I came across the name of the book in one of my art magazines.] I'm also reading a good book called "Creativity for Life" by Eric Maisel, Phd, also got his name and book recommendations from one of the art journals. He's talking about all kinds of creativity in this book....not just the visual arts..."practical advise on the artists personality and career from America's foremost creativity coach." :laugh5: He submits articles for one of the art magazines I get. It might be a good read for you if you have the time. :rock1: Here's to more laughter in 2008, health, prosperity and happiness! :rock1:

by BUN201



a decade ago

:hi: Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope you have luck with your blogs on the other site if you decide to try it. It's been so great to have your support for the past several months. I look forward to continuing our Friednship here at CK in the new year. :)