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Tuesday, Jan 29 2008 - one good day

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a good day can make all the bad days seem unimportant. i made it through yesterday unscathed; without opening the refrigerator door looking for comfort one too many times. i think i stayed within my calories for the first time in 2 weeks. i didn't work out though. i will soon enough. one challenge at a time. it's not a mole hill i am climbing, but a mountain of self doubt, demotivation and fear that i just will never be healthy again. i have to fight those feelings every day. i know many of us do.

the first step to success for me will be to manage my expectations better. i believe i can lose enough weight to be more fit than i am now. but i don't believe i will ever reach my previous goal; a weight that i haven't been close to in 28 years. it's unreasonable to think that I can get to 150 pounds again. i have doomed myself to failure by focusing on such a difficult target. i am not going to do that any more.

but that doesn't mean i am giving up either. all it means is that i will take what i can get and be happy. and i will only get as long as i give to the cause. i am willing to make sacrifices, but not every day for the rest of my life. let's call them changes instead. i am willing to work hard, but not to the point of obsession. so if i lose 25 to 30 pounds this year and stay active i will be very happy. anything more than that will be an unexpected bonus. i am confident i can do that; and do it again in 2009. at that rate, i will lose 100 pounds or so over 4 years. it seems so doable when i look at it in smaller increments. hey thank goodness i renewed my membership until 2011. :) I will need every minute of the next few years!!!

i am off to costco. hopefully i won't spend a fortune. meanwhile here's to one more good day for us all.

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a decade ago

:clap::clap::clap: Once again, you've got it! You, my dear, have lost 31 lbs. That is wonderful and you should embrace it! My theory - Slow & Steady. Better to slowly move forward than to fast forward and bounce backwards as a result.
Hang in there - you're doing fabulous & we're all here for you! :kiss:




a decade ago

it's not a mole hill i am climbing, but a mountain of self doubt, demotivation and fear that i just will never be healthy again. i have to fight those feelings every day. i know many of us do. This is the hardest part! As you have said before it is a delicate balance to between being obsessed and not caring. You are making progress, you are aware and you are living life as it is thrown at you. Can't ask for a whole lot more than that!




a decade ago

Grace: When I started my goal was to get to 200. That was above what anyone THOUGHT I should weigh but I had been that weight before and I thought I could deal with that. I got there and lost another 33 pounds. I gained it back and need to re-lose it but the point is... Set an attaniable goal and then go down 5 to 10 pounds from there for your next goal and repeat that. Take it a day at a time. We can do this. Get that workout in today! :kiss:




a decade ago

Smart move. In the beginning , when I joined I tried to put a much higher weight in as my goal. I know that I look good at my goal weight and would be quite active. I was not allowed to adjust from what CK suggested. I felt frustrated. Definitely smaller increments. It is difficult when other people are able to reach their goals with such ease. But we are all individuals with different personalities. Great blog.:clap:

by RSW



a decade ago

:hi: When I look at the whole picture of meeting my goal it over whelmes me. So, I've cut it into 5 pound goals. It's easier for me that way. I'm glad you decided to take it a little at a time. Some days are definitely better then others, but you will reach your goal, I know you will! Have fun shopping. Have a great day. :)




a decade ago

Thanks for posting this. You made me think.... My "perfect" goal weight, which WW gave me, was 135. I think that was an unreasonable expectation, and I spent a lot of weekly $$ trying to get there. The only alternative was to quit, so I did, and it all came back. So, I agree 100% with what you're saying and doing. They say if you lose just 10% of your total body weight you increase your health tremendously. We have to start thinking of the positive things we are doing instead of focusing on an unrealistic goal. I'm with you on this one. :thumbu2:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Grace you can reach your goal the slower the better. Some days are easier than others.:y: Hang in there girl you have a lot of support here!!!:kiss:




a decade ago

I agree with small goals, several times in my life I have lost large amounts of weight but wasn't content because I hadn't reached the "perfect" number, so instead of being 10 pounds overweight I became 100 pounds over. I am much smarter this time, my final goal is higher and I make a big deal out of every pound lost. Don't give up and don't be hard on yourself. :thumbu2: