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Wednesday, Jan 30 2008 - the night owl

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my husband is a night person. he works nights and loves to stay up until 4:00 am most nights. most of the year he is able to get up and play golf at 9:00 am with a short nap later in the day. after a few days of that routine, he usually crashes and gets a good 9 to 10 hour sleep.

i was always a night person too, but not like him. i worked days, so eventually i would have to get to sleep in order to wake up at 6:30 am. i used to hate when i would wake up when he climbed into bed; a gentle kiss typically rousing me from my sleep (there are worse things to wake you right?) i would try to force myself to stay as "asleep" as possible. you know the trick i am talking about when you practically sleep walk to the toilet so you can fall right into a sound sleep when you get back to bed? well that's what i would try to do almost every night when i was working. it didn't always do the trick and i would wake-up in the morning exhausted anyway.

now, i am not working. i can stay up all night if i feel like doing so. these days i am still in the den when ralph gets home from work. i think i am so wound up from dealing with my parents too. i just enjoy the middle of the night. it's my time. and since i really don't have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore, i can handle it. but it's not going so well.

the problem is that the rest of the world isn't on my (now our) schedule. the phone rings at 9:00 am or sometimes even sooner. everything i need to do has to be done during the day too. so i feel like i am doing more on less sleep. it makes me feel lazy even though i am doing so much (except searching for a job, because there isn't any time for that right now) during the day anyway. i have to do something to right this ship and get my sleeping pattern back to something close to normal. it will help everything in the long run.

i had a decent day yesterday. stayed within my calories even though i may not have made all the best choices. it's the right direction. still, no work out. i am not sure when i will get that motor running again.

i am going to read some blogs today. what's happening in your lives is important to me too. i need the cliff notes though...:)

peace out.

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a decade ago

My exercise motor is not running right now, either. We'll get back to it soon. Hang in there, Grace! :kiss:




a decade ago

If I didn't have the kiddos or the job, I'd :love: to flip my days and nights. I've never been much of a morning person - I am just far more creative in the night. Great job with your calories yesterday - I had to physically write my exercise schedule on the calendar to get me back in the swing.




a decade ago

:y: staying within calories. Since I've retired I'm heading to the night time routine as well, but having a commitment to take care of the boys keeps it in check. I've always hated to go to bed!

by BUN201



a decade ago

Grace , I am making caponata...low in calories. I have to pit the olives. Asked DH to buy stuffed ones..he bought them stuffed with pits.:laugh5: i am lucky that he shops for me. I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight. If I stay up too late my brain sends hunger alarms to my body. 1 AM. is my latest.

by RSW



a decade ago

Baby steps is right! Great job yesterday. Get that workout in though. You will feel better mentally and physically! :y: Hang in there! :kiss:




a decade ago

Staying in the calorie range is a good start. Take care of yourself and I know you will find your sleep pattern that will work for you.




a decade ago

:hi: We need to get together. Our sleep patterns are the same. Good luck on getting it turned around, I haven't been able too. I agree with everyone, baby steps. Take care of you through all of this. Have a good day. :)




a decade ago

I know my exercise motor is stalled :o Hope you have a great Wedneday and like Donna said baby steps:heart2:




a decade ago

:wave1: Good job staying within you calorie target.:y:..Remember baby steps....You are doing it....Have a good Wednesday.:)