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hello destiny

Tuesday, January 15th 2008

taking control
of my destiny
i look to the future
with renewed energy

wanting to be
the one to say
i give up
or just do it my way

i am the one
who has to choose
how strong i'll be
how much i'll lose

it's my decision
to stay the plan
to make good choices
to believe i can

no one else
holds the key
to my success
and where i'll be

tomorrow or the next day
they're mine to hold
to grab the brass ring
to bring home the gold

i am worth

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when life hands you lemons

Monday, January 14th 2008

the last time i mentioned lemons in my blog it was about a cake; a cake that devoured me and my resolve (at least for that moment) to not give in to temptation. today's lemons are of the figuratively speaking kind. you know the ones you make lemondade with when life is tough and all else fails? well that my friends is what i am doing on this day. i am taking all the negative energy around me and tucking it in the corner for further review. and even though more lemons came my way this morning...

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at the end of the rainbow

Sunday, January 13th 2008

it's lovely to be in a quiet home today. i am alone and away from the stress of my mother's pain, my father's sadness and my brother's mess. oh, i haven't mentioned that, have i?

in the middle of all this tumult with my mother, my brother's social worker called my dad to let him know that steven is covered with supposedly self-inflicted injuries because my dad isn't coming to see him as often as before. a mentally retarded man (who is really a child) does not get the concept that his pare...

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i know i am not the only one

Friday, January 11th 2008

luckily, i am able to access a computer today via my parents' tenant who happens to be my sister's mother-in-law. i didn't want to trouble her to access her computer, but i am going to stay here another night so i needed to get on line. i am not sure if it's really a want more than a need, but here i am.

i have been eating dunkin munchkins like they are manna from heaven. i bought 60 yesterday; for my parents of course. naturally, i have eaten 10 to every one they've eaten. they don't ...

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a quick update

Thursday, January 10th 2008

i have been spending a lot of time on long island without internet access this week. we took my mom home from the hospital late tuesday. she had a urinary infection which added to her lethergy from the fendenyl patch. the er environment (she never made it to an actual room) was just awful. she simply slipped further through the cracks each day. on sunday night i went nuts on the nurses and pcas. they left her sitting on a filthy bed pan for 45 minutes; uncomfortable and covered in fecal mat...

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