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Thursday, Feb 28 2008 - as time goes by

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as time goes by, i realize just what you mean to me...

there are so many wonderful people here and i miss you all! to those of you who missed me too :) i am working my way back to a regular routine again. i am not there yet, but i am trying.

my healthy lifestyle has slipped away so easily. it's been months since i have worked out or eaten anywhere remotely within my calorie range. i am afraid (completely and totally afraid) to weigh myself. truthfully, i don't need the scale to tell me i have gained weight. my clothes speak volumes and so do the steps in my house each time i climb them. i am almost back to panting by the time i reach the top of the stairs. this has got to stop. i know it. i want it. gosh, now i just have to do it. my new career will go a long way to get me back into the right lifestyle.

recently, i decided to join the pampered chef organization as an independent consultant. the pampered chef is a direct sales company. they have hundreds of wonderful high quality cooking utensils and products which i now sell through home cooking shows. it is the perfect answer to my not so perfect schedule because of all the time i need to do things for my parents. most of the cooking shows are in in the evenings or on weekends, but i make my own schedule. i couldn't find that kind of flexibility with any other job. financially, i will get what i put into it. most people earn an average of $200 per show, but you can also build your own sales team to add to your income stream. so far, i like the people i have met, the shows are fun and most of all, i don't feel stressed all the time. i am determined to put 100% into this and see how it goes. right now, i feel great confidence that this is the perfect fit for me. if anyone wants more information, you can go to pamperedchef.com (my personal website isn't launched yet) or send me an email @ [email protected]

i do have to get back into shape to host these shows though. i have to carry several of their products and stand on my feet for a couple of hours during each show. it's not terrible at all. but when you are not eating right and carrying a lot of extra weight to start with that 30 pound tote bag feels like 100 pounds! on saturday i went with my senior sales director to a show in the bronx. the host failed to tell her that she lived on the third floor and there wasn't an elevator. we had a lot of products with us because she didn't know we had to climb all those steps. by the time we got inside the apartment we were both panting (i, much more than her)!!! to make matters worse, the apartment was completely overheated. it must have been 80 degrees in her living room and she couldn't turn down the heat and i was wearing a thick sweater. I was sweating the entire time i was there! hopefully the next time i am faced with 3 flights of stairs i am in better shape and carrying much less weight (on me and in my tote bag...lol)

so that's where i am right now. i feel much better now that i wrote this and brought you all up to date. now i need to work my way to all of your blogs and catch up with you too. forgive me if it will take me awhile. i have to get more disciplined in time management. i have to take care of business and take care of me. gosh, isn't that what we all have to do? someday i will figure out why i struggle so much with that balancing act! take care everyone....

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a decade ago

Hi Grace,
I've been gone from CK for quite some time. I am trying to get back to taking care of me. I have missed you and other CK friends. I wish you luck with your Pampered Chef venture. :wave1:



a decade ago

Good to see you again, I've missed you :kiss:




a decade ago

Don't give up...love Judy




a decade ago

Welcome back Grace! :hi:

Day at a time!!




a decade ago

:kiss: :love: :kiss: Glad to hear from you!




a decade ago

Hi Grace. You have been missed around here. Glad you are back. Welcome to the direct-sales world. That's my world too, you know! I know you will be very, very good at it!




a decade ago

:hi: Glad to see you here. I'm sure you will do great with Pampered Chef. Hope to see you around more often. Have a great Friday. :)




a decade ago

Hi Grace!!! So glad to see you! I love Pampered Chef; I think I own half of their products. I am a sucker for kitchen stuff. You will do great. I have missed you around here. Don't spend time berating yourself...just start back wehre you are. Hugs to you! :kiss:




a decade ago

:wave1:Welcome back, Grace. I have MISSED you! :love: ((((hugs))))) And I'm so glad you are back. I wish you good luck with the Pampered Chef venture, too! You'll do great. And you're right...loving and taking care of ourselves is what we have to do...it's why we're here. :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Glad your are back!:kiss: Good luck with Pampered Chef you will do a great job!!!:thumbu2:




a decade ago

:wave1: I am so happy to see you here today...I miss hearing from you..I wish you good luck with your new venture...I have heard of Pampered Chef....very nice things...never been to a party though.....Hope your day is going well....you will be back on track very soon...:)




a decade ago

Welcome back and don't worry about pleasing us. Please yourself and your work. Keep us posted and check in when you can. Love