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Tuesday, May 20 2008 - Weekends

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Weekends are the toughest for us all. Usually that's when we tend to do our most socializing and the greatest damage to our weight loss efforts. My weekends are no exception.

This past weekend started out well and went downhill from there. As some of you know, my husband and I love to find new little restaurants. I constantly read restaurant reviews and "best of" listings always looking for some place new and different to try. On Friday evening, we ventured to the Bronx to a small restaurant called Coals . It is a top contender in the upcoming Best Burger in the 5 boroughs competition. In fact the NY Post food critic (that culinary guide to the Blue Collar masses whose name escapes me) had personally picked it as his favorite. It was a miserable night weather wise and Ralph was in the mood for a burger. I had calories to spare in my food journal, so I would not have a problem working a burger in to the day. So off we went to the Bronx, a mere 10 minute drive from our home!

We were not disappointed! There was one table empty when we arrived to this clean, welcoming establishment in the Morris Park section of the Bronx. The decor was pretend living room - complete with fireplace, books and a couple of low tables and cushioned couches. Cozy, but small, I think the comfortable couches could have been put to better use with dining tables. But luckily there was one table for two available as soon as we arrived. Otherwise, the place was packed. The waitress was pleasant and immediately offered us drinks and warned that there was a great delay for burgers. It seemed we weren't the only one who read the NY Post article. Thankfully, Coals is also known for their crispy thin (and I mean thin crusted pizzas). Ralph and I willingly opted to share a small personal pizza as an appetizer as we toughed out the 35 minute wait for our burgers.

Talk about mouth watering. The pizza was rustic and fragrant with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. We opted for the Smokey Joe's variation; a touch of smoked mozzarella finishing off the delicate flavor. This was one tasty pizza, oozing with flavor but not too much olive oil. We devoured it! We could have easily shared another, but had a feeling the best was yet to come. Thankfully, it took the edge off for Ralph, because he was mighty hungry when we arrived.

And now to the burger. What can I say, this was one perfect burger. Thick and juicy on top of a simple bun that didn't overwhelm the flavor or the size of this wonderfully juicy and scrumptious burger. We both opted for asiago cheese over cheddar. Gosh, what a perfect complement to the burger. I really don't think I ever tasted anything as mouth-watering as this burger. It was good to the absolute last morsel; A beef eaters gem. The sides were not necessary. We opened our little bags of fritos and ate a few, but didn't touch the bit of greens and olives on the plate. To me they were little more than garnish anyway. The main attraction was the burger and I was happy to leave it that way.

Now I have to practice great self control not to head to the Bronx every weekend for a burger. We'll add it to the list of great places to dine, but we won't go there a lot. At least while burgers remain taboo as a mainstay of my diet. And as far as I can tell, that will be for a very long time. Meanwhile, get thee to a good burger place and satisfy the craving if you have one. And if you happen to be on Eastchester Rd near Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx, sample the little slice (and burger) from heaven at Coals

Hey, maybe I have a second career as a food critic! Now that would be all I need.

Yesterday felt like a good day all around. I ate well, stayed within my calories and blogged. I think that's the first time I have done all of that in one day since January. I spent some time catching up with everyone's blogs. That will take me awhile, but I am going to give it a wonderful try.

I should be putting more effort into my Pampered Chef business. I have done several cooking shows and they have all gone well. My problem is picking up the phone and making the calls -- even to people I know. I just have a hard time with it. I know what to say, but I am just not comfortable pushing for the booking. I am not giving up, I am just hoping that losing some weight boosts my confidence again. I know that's part of the problem -- even over the phone. Go figure.

Time for breakfast. I just worked up a hearty (and healthy) appetite writing this blog!

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9 years ago

Hi Grace, It all sounds so good. Haven't been around for awhile but am jumping back and hope to visit more and keep motivated. Hope it's going well for you.




9 years ago

Omgosh I need to go there the food sounds awesome and I love a good burger---- but heck I am in Dallas:)




9 years ago

:hi: Okay, so now I want a burger, my mouth is watering just reading this. I'm so glad you are back. Hope you had a great day. :)




9 years ago

You just made my mouth water! :tongue8::tongue10: . Glad you see you back!




9 years ago

God I love good burger. Welcome back.




9 years ago

Welcome back. See you in September. :hi:

by RSW



9 years ago

You made me hungry and I just ate! :laugh5: It is true that just thinking or talking about food gets digestive juices flowing. :bang: I think TV is a negative for that reason because of the commercials. You're right about the weekends. I think it's okay to allow yourself a meal that is relaxed as long as it doesn't lead to more "relaxation" if you know what I mean.

by BUN201