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Tuesday, June 24th 2008

hi everyone,

well i am finally making some progress and feel good about where I am going. first I would like to thank all of you for staying in touch during my hiatus. It has meant the world to me.

now for where i am. as i mentioned in my last blog, i decided to get myself into a medically supervised program. there is a gastroenterologist in white plains, ny (www.stomachmds.com) who has had tremendous success with his weight loss program called nutra-thin. It is a proprietary pr...

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you know that feeling?

Sunday, June 15th 2008

a lottery ticket
before the numbers are picked

the wedding day
before you walk down the aisle

the job interview
before the questions are asked

all things are possible
at these moments
we are hopeful
we have a chance to win
we have a chance at happiness
we have a chance for the job
all things are positive
we believe we will win
we know we will be happy
we are sure we'll get the job

i want to capture that energy
and harvest the feeling,
into unbridle...

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a sign of the times

Thursday, June 5th 2008

i feel old now
every bone aches
every step i take seems labored
i look in the mirror
and see a vision
not of splendor
puffy eyes
swollen ankles
tight fitting clothes
a waist long gone
curvy, no longer
just a body
too big for
the legs it stands on

i fear death
more than ever now
my heart,
should not beat
as it does
every pound gained
every calorie overeaten
every walk not taken
a requiem
to the ...

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unconditional love

Wednesday, June 4th 2008

my husband gives me
unconditional love
despite every bad mood,
negative comment and
irrational complaint
i throw his way
he hugs me when i am sad
he listens when i am mad
he smiles when
i don't make much sense
he has to do that a lot
these days

where's my own
unconditional love, though
for myself
when i need it the most
i see defeat
instead of challenge
i see failure
instead of try again
i fear the future
instead of
learning from the pas...

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