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Tuesday, Jun 24 2008 - progress

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hi everyone,

well i am finally making some progress and feel good about where I am going. first I would like to thank all of you for staying in touch during my hiatus. It has meant the world to me.

now for where i am. as i mentioned in my last blog, i decided to get myself into a medically supervised program. there is a gastroenterologist in white plains, ny (www.stomachmds.com) who has had tremendous success with his weight loss program called nutra-thin. It is a proprietary program of shakes and bars that is supplemented with one meal a day. calorie-wise, it is low (around 800) and mild ketosis is expected. the program meets 100% of my nutritional requirements, except for potassium. we'll see if a supplement is needed in the next few weeks. i am also on a new medication to prevent gall stones which could occur with rapid weight loss.

perhaps the most telling statistic is the program's terrific track record for large weight loss maintained for greater than 2 years.

i went to see him last week and started the program the next day. I liked him a lot. The office was beautiful and modern and the members of his staff were pleasant and respectful. I felt well taken care of while i was there. My insurance covers everything but the food and I thought the cost was reasonable - $70 a week which included my co-pay.

he is also a nutritionist and has other nutritionists on staff who will help me eventually develop a maintenance program that will work for me. perhaps more importantly the program includes a therapist who will help me deal with all the other issues that contribute to my weight problems. i have been known to say "it's not what you eat it is what's eating you." but as much as i acknowledged that emotions were a big part of my overeating, i just never took the right steps to address my issues in a forthright and active manner. in short, i never practiced what i preached.

i am into my 5th day and survived a large dinner function last night. i am a bit tired and feel somewhat hungry, but it gets better every day. as advised, i am limiting my physical exertion. it is recommended for the first 4 weeks as i get used to the program. eventually we will work an exercise regimen into my routine.

yes, this is drastic. yes, this is something i thought i would never do. but i have tried everything else dozens of times; tried and failed. this is my final attempt. this is the step before i consider a surgical solution so i am giving this 100%. i have my determination to succeed back and feel great. i am happy with my decision.

thank you all for listening. wish me well. i will be around a lot more often now so i will keep you posted on my ups and downs...i know there will be a little of both. take care and be well..

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9 years ago

Good luck to you. You know you can always come here for support whenever you need it.




9 years ago

:wave1: Please know you have been in my thoughts and prayers...I know this new journey you are on is going to work for you....Have faith....Hang in there....Have a good Friday.:)




9 years ago

I wish you the best Grace! :love: It sounds like a reasonable program to me....that one meal a day is a great idea, I think, with the supplements. We had people who went on a hospital run supplement program that did not include meals, so the transition to regular food was hard and a lot gained with that. I am in your corner rooting for you, Grace! Keep us posted with your progress. I'm so happy that it's working for you....I know how important this is....to all of us, really, and how discouraging it is to take two steps forward and then three back that we all do sometimes. So, I'm very happy to hear from you and how you're doing. :y: :love::kiss:

by BUN201



9 years ago

:hi: I wish you nothing but the greatest success with your new program. It is drastic, but I'm so glad that you have the proper medical support that you need. Keep us posted as to how well your doing. :love: :kiss:




9 years ago

Grace, it is drastic but the support of the program sounds thoroughly thought out. Please keep us posted. Thanks judy




9 years ago

Hi Grace,
I am so happy for you and wishing you success with your new program. :clap:



9 years ago

Good luck to you Grace I wish you the best:kiss:




9 years ago

Hi Grace, sometimes we need something drastic to get us into gear. It sounds like a safe pgm and the therapist is also a great idea. Good luck and stay in touch. Keep us posted on your progress.




9 years ago

Hey Grace...good luck with this. It is a drastic step and obviously not something you can do long-term but it sounds like they have a good team in place to help you through the transition. I especially like that there is a therapist that helps you deal with the underlying issues. I completely trust that you researched this and think it is a good thing. Keep us posted!




9 years ago

I wish you the best Grace. Hope you do stay around!:wave1: