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Monday, May 11 2009 - it MAY not have been good yesterday

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there is a great big cake
missing 2 slices;
2 big slices!
no one came looking for them,
no one will miss them.
but just in case,
oh i know where they are...:laugh5:

there is a box of flying saucers;
ice cream sandwiches
to all those who don't know
the carvel ice cream chain.
it's missing 2,
but it could have easily been 3
but i used restraint;
after all
i had to leave 1 in the box:clap:

there is a box of cashews;
half- eaten.
at least they were unsalted!
oh how i love those darn things!
why were they
on my dad's kitchen table;
calling my name
begging me to
give them a new home
in my belly.
always one
to oblige a nut,
or a bunch of nuts :laugh5:
i ate them.
they like their new home better?

there's a little
(just a little) box of
dunkin munchkins
missing a 1/2 a dozen or so;
more on the or so side
i am guessing.
who bought them anyway?
(i bet you thought it was me?)
why weren't they celery sticks instead?
ah, who am i kidding?
unless they were chocolate-coated
(now there's an idea)
they were safe
from grace.
good choices
were not in my cards
this day.:$

there's a bowl of fruit,
all cut up
and juicy
and luscious
and easy to get to.
on any other day
but yesterday
would have been
a pleasure,
really a pleasure.
but not this day;
not for sad,
whose dad was sick
and ruined
the happy plans she had
to share the day with him
and good friends...

i ate instead;
everything in sight,
while sleeping on his couch
afraid to leave him alone.
without pjs;
and a toothbrush
and clean clothes
to greet the new day
which hopefully
will be better
than this rotten
Sunday in MAY.:help:

there's a calorie log
that won't be filled
for yesterday.
i don't need a calculator
to compute;
to tell me
your way over sister!
no checks for you today.
tilt and void.
try again...be sure
to try again!

and so i am...

i guess i should have just stayed in bed...:bang:

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8 years ago

Grace we ALL have off days don't be so hard on yourself you have been through a lot lately--hang in there girl today is a brand new day:kiss:




8 years ago

:hi: Grace! So sorry your day wasn't a great one, but you can make today GREAT! Chocolate dipped anything....crap I ate a whole box of dipped peanut brittle yesterday...think I'll pay for that...bwahahahahahahahahahahahah...oh but it was good!




8 years ago

:hi: Sorry your Dad is well, hope he feels better soon. I'm also sorry about your bad day, but don't fret today is a new day. That one day only delays you getting to your goal a little longer, it doesn't stop you from getting there. Hope today was much better. :love:




8 years ago

Sorry your Dad is not well. Sorry your day was not so nice. The good news: today is a brand new day. :cool1: It's very much a struggle, and we can't do it alone. Next time come here and vent, or PM me and I will "listen", Grace. :love::kiss:

by BUN201



8 years ago

Sorry to hear about your bad day. Today is a new one. And the thought of celery dipped in chocolate is at least intriguing.