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Tuesday, May 12 2009 - food, glorious food

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the last thing
i want to be doing
is watching
every little bit of food
that i eat
or even think about eating!
it consumes me some days
but i have to do it
i will consume it
whatever it may be

some foods
don't have to fret
there isn't a brussel sprout:huh:
in the world
that can tempt me
and don't worry, curry:nono2:
you are saved for the day
um, well forever
because you are not
a devil (or delight)
to me

i can walk by spam
(i am not a fan)
and blue cheese
does nothing to please
yes, safe from mastication
is the entire pickle nation
yes pickles i hate!
please get them off my plate!:nono2:

i eat some fish
but not much raw
keep the oysters:nono1:
but shrimp i adore:kiss:
i loath me some ketchup
yes, i know "is she for real"?
but burgers are best naked
and that's just how i feel!:laugh5:

Give me calamari
if not too chewy
i do ok, the hunan way
put please, not too gooey

but the list i love:love:
is long and loaded
with foods verboten:evil:
and treats never eaten
but not really forgotten:bang:

ah another day
is on its way
i will not stray
so far, so good
but it's only just begun

here's hoping i can win the battle one more day....
watch out string beans, i am on my way....:clap::clap::clap:

note: a bit of a ramble today, but that's the mood i am in. here's hoping all our temptations stay away today.:bye::bye:

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2 comments so far.


8 years ago

:hi: Love the rambling. Oh those foods that tempt us can be really :evil: Let's try to replace them with the good ones. :) Have a great day. :)




8 years ago

Rambling is fun :P