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Monday, Jun 21 2010 - fatrher's day - redux (not)

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yesterday was a successful day in many ways. :clap::clap::clap: i guess what a difference a year makes (or as in this case, several years) is an accurate statement when it comes to my food choices during our father's day family gathering. surrounded by landminds of the edible kind, i avoided every single one. i wasn't tempted by the incredible cupcakes my niece made; the potato chips and dip stayed undipped (an uneaten) by this not so "skinny girl" and i ate my caesar salad --without the caesar salad dressing, but with a touch of my own light dressing).

i basked in the silent glory of 4 days "food sober" and simply enjoyed the pleasure of my family's company. i held lucas for awhile (have i told you how cute he is? :kiss:) and let the incredible feeling one gets when holding a baby envelope me. you know the warm, mushy, everything is right in the world feeling that leaves you totally in love with life and the wonder in your arms? that's the one!

i wasn't as successful 3 years ago. on that particular father's day, i managed to sabotage my weight loss efforts by baking a yummy, (give me a capital "Y" on that Yummy!) lemon cake. it was spectacular and i know first-hand how delicious it was. first mistake-baking :nono5:; second mistake-thinking i could resist its temptation:nono2:; third mistake - letting it completely ruin my food choices for the entire day. :nono5:

but the one good thing it did was get my creative juices flowing to inspire one of my favorite blogs from the archives. it was the one way i could make lemonade out of lemons! so to celebrate my father's day victory 3 years later, i am please to dust off the cobwebs and share it with all of you again. enjoy the poem, just not the cake. :queen:

the lemon cake that ate grace

lI should have known better
than to bake a cake
a lemon cake
drenched in lemon sugar water
drizzled with lemon glaze
staring me in the face
saturday and then
again on sunday
tempting me
with powers much stronger
than me
so much stronger

I should have known better
than to bake something new
to bring to my sister’s
because I always have
to taste
what I haven’t baked before
just to be sure
that it’s good enough
and even though it always is
i still taste
because that’s the way i am

i should have known
that it would be delicious
the barefoot contessa
she never lets me down
so moist, so enticing
so darn lemony
calling my name
as i sat in the kitchen
saturday night
trying to ignore the temptress call
of a lemon cake
destined to do me in

and so just one bite
i thought
on saturday night
just one small sliver
enough to satisfy
the deep, dark craving
i suddenly had for
all things lemon
only eating a lemon
just wouldn’t do

and that was
the beginning of the end
like a tidal wave
the power of the lemon cake
roared over my head
consuming me
submerging me in
sweet sugary heaven
and i was gone before
I took the first bite

yes, it was wonderful
and worthy of a taste
and another
but the one after that?
that was when i knew
i was out of control
and there was no turning back
2 moments of weakness
and my week was ruined
out of order
do not pass go
and I certainly can’t collect
the $200

sadly, there will always be
a lemon cake
ready to devour
the weakening willpower
i am able to muster
on any given day
but there will also be days
when i conquer the cravings
that try to consume me
and i make the choice
to let that lemon cake
just sit there
calling to me
but i don’t budge

so i am moving on
without regrets
staying motivated and
practicing what I preach
pick myself up
dust myself off
and just keep going
because it is a new day
and the lemon cake is gone

thank goodness
the lemon cake is gone

today's photo: instead of another shirt, this year's father's day present to my dad was his first manicure and massage at 88 years old! he loved it; the salon loved it and we'll be back again.

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7 years ago

You GO girl:thumbu2:




7 years ago

What a great idea for your Dad and good on managing yourself with all the stuff around? It really is when we so no to fat and yes to a better life that we succeed. :heart2:




7 years ago

:hi: Congratulations on winning the battle against all that temptation! That is an awesome feat! Love the picture. I am so glad that you Dad enjoyed his first manicure and massage. Hope you have another great day. :)