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Wednesday, Jun 23 2010 - Rainy Nights in the ER

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What a night. My dad took a fall and wound up flat on his face.:o:o I called 911 because I didn't want to take a chance driving him. He was bleeding a lot and it was raining too. I couldn't imagine trying to get him in the car, holding his head, keeping him dry etc. etc. As soon as the EMTs arrived I told them what happend and that I was fairly sure my dad would need stitches. We were keeping pressure on the gash with a towel and ice compress. When we lifted the towel one of the EMTs said "OH yea, he needs stitches." They were very kind and comforting (Thank you letter will be sent) and assured me I made the right decision.:clap::clap:

The ER staff was very accommodating too. :clap::clap: For a midnight visit on a raininy night, the place was fairly quiet. He wound up with 14 stitches above his eye. He landed so hard the frame on his glasses pierced his skin-it was hard to look at! His nose was pretty banged up too. Thankfully, a CAT Scan confirmed there weren't any broken bones.

He was entertaining everyone @ the hospital so his spirits were good. He has a terrific sense of humor. The fall occured after he had taken his dentures out so he looked even cuter! At one point he said "Whena they aska me how it happened Ima gonna tell them I fell offa the bed while making Lova." That's my lame attempt at adding his Italian accent. I hope it helps you imagine what this 88 year old man sounded like speaking these words. It was hilarious and priceless.:laugh5::laugh5:

As ER visits go (I went through dozens of them with my mom) this one was relatively easy. We were there for about 3 hours and he had someone's attention for most of that time. I don't remember the last time anyone in an ER ever responded to a request for an advil without making you go through hoops. Other than the fact that the fall happened in the first place, it was a great experience. :kiss:

Needless to say I am tired today. Plus, I had to get up and out of the house for an appointment with the opthomologist. My eyes are still dilated and it is giving me a headache to look at the computer screen, so I have to keep this brief.

I stayed on plan again for the 5th day and I can already feel an energy boost. It's amazing how healthy eating and less sugar and carbs can make you feel so much better. I have sneaked a couple of peeks at the scale and I think I am going to have a great weigh-in tomorrow. But those chickens won't be counted just yet. Meanwhile, time to rest my eyes.
Happiness to all...:hi::hi:

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7 years ago

Oh no. :nono2: We had a scare recently with my 89 year old Dad falling and splitting his head open too. They glued him back together instead of stitches though. I'm glad he's okay.