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Monday, Jun 28 2010 - there's a pep in my step, again

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it's been gone for so long

i've forgotten
what it feels like
to have energy,
real energy
the desire
to get up and out
and do things
without worrying
how tired
i will feel

i've forgotten
what healthy meals
do to you
to your spirit
to your willpower
as you
eat less
feel full
grazing the kitchen
a habit gone
for now

i've forgotten
what feeling positive
does for the soul
makes the goal
seem possible
the journey
less painful
the effort
much stronger
the belief in success

i've forgotten
for awhile
how worthy i am
of all things
of brass rings
and amazing dreams
that aren't just for
closed eyes

i've forgotten
that i can do anything
if i want to
when i want it
so badly
it hurts
but it is
a good hurt
an ache, really
because i will climb
the mountain
i will finish
this race
this long race
well, because
i must
i can
i will

today's photo: taken somwhere in the rain forest, north of cairns, australia - 1991. That's when i was "young" and adventurous....i would go back in a hearbeat!

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7 years ago

Beautiful poem--like the others have said WE are so glad you are back:heart2:




7 years ago

:hi: Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem. I have always loved reading your blogs. They give me a great boost. I am so glad you are back. As for me and the scale, I weigh myself daily, it's the only way I can keep myself on track. I tired not doing it and well....ended up gaining 17 pounds. I don't get to frustrated anymore with the fluctuations, I was just hoping for a bit better today as it was my official CK weigh in day and I was up. :) Hope you are having a great evening!




7 years ago

A great poem, Grace. ' how worthy i am
of all things
of brass rings
and amazing dreams' Very uplifting.... thank you for sharing it. :love:

by BUN201