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Tuesday, July 27th 2010

well i have been missing in action for a few weeks, but not straying from my goals and dedication to my weight loss regimen. this is a first for me. all i think about is being on the program for a reason, not just for a moment. i have stuck to the south beach diet faithfully. i have had a couple of minor moments of weakness, but none that i was unaware of and i counted every morsel. being aware and counting the calories is a big step for me. stopping is another. by not allowing a moment of...

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Monday, July 12th 2010

tis the season
of exposed skin
and the bathing suit
doesn't lie
and doesn't hide much
no matter
how much we try :$

the little skirt
on the bottom
of the big bathing suit
oh yes
that will fool everyone
they'll never notice
the 10 pounds of sausage
stuffed in the 5 pound bag :eyebrows:

and how about the shorts? :laugh5:
you know the ones?
how lovely
they look
when your dripping wet
climbing out from the pool
while they ride up
between your thighs :$

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busy as a relaxed bee...

Thursday, July 8th 2010

well i survived my tooth extraction, but my weigh-in suffered for it. i couldn't eat anything yesterday until late in the day. i was hungry and didn't eat anything i wasn't supposed to eat, but the calories were all jam-packed into the evening. plus i am taking antibiotics which mess up my system too. this all combined to give me a disappointing weigh-in, but i am no worse for the wear. i suspect i will have a few more days like this as i go through the tooth implant preparation, so i will...

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a trifle, trifle

Monday, July 5th 2010

I made a trifle
a tower like eiffel
of strawberries and cream
and cake in between
it was decadent
as can be

i tasted the trifle
no more than an eye full
i savored the flavor
and did myself a favor
i tried not to
ask for more

how i loved this trifle
and i tried to be mindfull
of the devil's voice
still it left me no choice
to give in
and taste again

my taste of this trifle
should have been just a trifle
so i thought
don't get distraught

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