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Monday, Jul 5 2010 - a trifle, trifle

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I made a trifle
a tower like eiffel
of strawberries and cream
and cake in between
it was decadent
as can be

i tasted the trifle
no more than an eye full
i savored the flavor
and did myself a favor
i tried not to
ask for more

how i loved this trifle
and i tried to be mindfull
of the devil's voice
still it left me no choice
to give in
and taste again

my taste of this trifle
should have been just a trifle
so i thought
don't get distraught
just have another taste
or two

but this trifle
became so frightful
i let it ruin my day
what can i say
i am so weak
at times, you see

so now this trifle
that towered like eiffel
is gone
and i move on
is just a brand new day

some random rants

i have had a relaxing day which can be deadly at time. it allows me too much time to think about the annoying things that people do that get my blood boiling. i know i should think more about the nice things people do (and believe me i do) but today it's about the PITAs of the world :bang:

my top 10 annoyances

10. changing lanes without signaling - buddy that's a traffic violation. i'd like to make a citizen's arrest.:nono4:
9. braking THEN signaling you are about to turn - too late dummy, i already plowed into the back of your car because i left my mind-reading capabilities at home.:cross3:
8. cashiers who talk to each other while haphazardly and slowly scanning your groceries - honey i really don't want to hear about who you hooked up with last night.:$
7. people in the check-out line who don't bag their own groceries. - can't you put your own doritos in the bag?:help:
6. waiting in the doctor's office for 45 minutes after your scheduled appointment - i'm sorry doc - i know YOUR time is just so much more valuable than mine.:n:
5. walking into a car dealership with my husband and the salesperson automatically directs his conversation to the man - eyes to me mr. honda if you know what's good for you.:@
4. people in supermarkets who let their children run amok while they slowly peruse the cereal aisle - you know you are going to buy the fruit loops, so do it already and pay attention to your children who are about to knock over the lovely 4th of july s'mores display because you already fed them fruit loops today.:cross2:
3. people who do a year's worth of banking at the after hours drive-thru teller - "I'd like to make 5 deposits, 2 withdrawals, buy 3 money orders and 10 rolls of quarters please." shoot me now.:bang:
2. people who talk (loudly) in a movie theater - or leave their phones on or crinkle their candy wrapper for 10 minutes or sit right next to my husband and me when there is no one else @ the 2:00 pm tuesday showing of the karate kid. umm, i don't know about you, but that creeps me out.:nono2:
1. and last but not least, those people on the expressway who insist on driving 90 mph in the left lane eventually tailgating you (going a reasonable 72 mph in a 55 mph speed zone) or those people driving 40 mph in the right lane making it impossible for you to accelerate to enter the expressway or pass them. like porridge, you have to drive just right.:nono5:

oh i know i sound a bit nutty today....:evil:

speaking of nuts, the search engine in the food database is hilarious at times. sometimes a typo gives you the oddest query response. today i meant to type "pine nuts" but typed "pine nits" instead. the response was "did you mean pine nitro?" yes, database, that's exactly what i meant -- give me a great big dose of nitro and put me out of my misery...until tomorrow...that's all the rants i have....:love:

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7 years ago

Hang in there and bounce back from those negative days.




7 years ago

Loved this blog especially the pine nitro:laugh5:




7 years ago

:hi: Love today's blog. I'm so glad to see you are just moving on from your tower that over powered you yeaterday. :)




7 years ago

Thanks for the laugh.
I have a hard time with negatives. I actually did a blog today that was SO negative I deleted what I wrote. Yours are funny....mine were not. :bang: I remember I have to do five things I'm grateful for....and couldn't do it right then. Hope you had a great 4th!

by BUN201