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Thursday, Jul 8 2010 - busy as a relaxed bee...

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well i survived my tooth extraction, but my weigh-in suffered for it. i couldn't eat anything yesterday until late in the day. i was hungry and didn't eat anything i wasn't supposed to eat, but the calories were all jam-packed into the evening. plus i am taking antibiotics which mess up my system too. this all combined to give me a disappointing weigh-in, but i am no worse for the wear. i suspect i will have a few more days like this as i go through the tooth implant preparation, so i will have to deal with it like a big girl!:clap::clap:

my husband and i are taking several separate vacations this summer and things are going to be hectic for a while. it's a good hectic though, so i am not complaining!

ralph always goes away with the boys to play golf. these are real golf fanatics so there is nothing on their brains except golf, more golf and watching the british open (golf) on tv while they are away. this year they are going to the finger lakes area of ny. traditionally they head to northern michigan, but every few years they mix it up and try some place different. they have rented 2 houses (which i found for them) on one of the lakes and there are dozens of golf courses within a reasonable distance. ralph looks forward to this trip every year and i am excited for him. :love::love:

meanwhile i am joining my girlfriends (the group known as the 50 chicks) for a few dayd on long beach island on the jersey shore. i have never been to the jersey shore and although many people have visions of shnooky dancing in their heads these days, i know from friends that most of the shore is nicer and less tacky than mtv would have you think. i have heard many wonderful things about the shore, particularly the area we are going to. the house we are staying at is right on the ocean with incredible views and decks. a couple of the girls like to do way too much many times when we are away. my feeling is that we have this incredible house for a few days, let's just use it. if we had a week or more that would be different. i am planning to major in applied sunscreen and reading trashy novels and leaving it at that! thankfully, i think katie is on board with that philosophy and mary is on the fence. we'll just have to convince donna!

those trips overlap for ralph and me; i head out next weds and return sat. around noon. beverly will stay with my dad until i come home. ralph leaves sat. morning around 8ish so he can get up to the lakes in time for an afternoon round of golf. so we won't see each other until friday 7/23.

on sat 7/24 my cousin's beautiful daughter is getting married at a spectacular location on long island. it's called the de seversky center. it's actually a glorious gold coast mansion located on the campus of new york institute of technology. i love lindsay and i am so thrilled for her and her fiancée steve. we are looking forward to this wedding! we're bringing my dad so beverly will stay and get him dressed. he takes things so slowly i would need extra time to get him ready as well as myself and ralph, so she is a life-saver that way! my dad prefers her help over mine anyway. he is always worried that he is bothering me and of course i don't want to be involved with bathing him if i can avoid it. i know he is embarrassed by it and i want to respect his privacy as much as possible. he deserves that. :kiss::kiss:

why i am choosing to go through our summer itinerary at tihs point is beyond me, but i opened up the pandora's box, so i might as well continue...

after the wedding weekend, i leave for north carolina on 7/28 and i don’t' return until 8/11. several friends are joining me for part of the trip and then ralph comes down on the the 6th and returns with me on the 11th so we do have a few days together with friends. we won't be together for his brithday on the 4th, but we will celebrate in north carolina! we enjoy the condo so much and love having friends with us. it's very hot but we just lounge in one of the pools all day. it is very relaxing. of course ralph heads to the golf course most of the time, but he enjoys pool time too... just not as much as we do...:laugh5::laugh5:

we've got the schedule all worked out with beverly to take care of my dad while we are not around, so we are cleared for liftoff....:clap::clap:

there is a chance i will be heading to maine for a few days the week of august 16th, but that is still up in the air. i feel like it is a lot of running around and driving and i have several things still lingering from the house fire that i need to take care of. sidebar: speaking of the fire, we finally close on the sale of the henry street house tomorrow! i am so looking forward to putting that behind us. :clap::clap:
back to maine. my friends cathy and chris and kids rent a place in ogunquit every summer, but this year chris can't go because of work. cathy has been trying to get us up there for years, now it looks like marianne (cathy's sister) is bringing their dad up and renting another place for the week and want me to join them. my grand-nephew's christening is on the 22nd so i couldn't stay the whole time, but i could swing 3 or 4 days. we'll see....:love::love:

i am very lucky to have all this time right now. not working has its upside for sure. i wish i could find something part-time so i could better subsidize my fun though. otherwise we dip into the cash reserves way too much and there isn't that much there to begin with...this is not a complaint as i am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, a home to share with my dad when he needed it and food on our table every day. :queen::queen:

well i have rambled on way too much this morning. no poems, just the facts today....love to all...peace out :rock1:

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7 years ago

:hi: Sure sounds like a summer full of fun for you. I am glad, you deserve it. Have a great time with each place you go this summer!




7 years ago

Your summer sounds wonderful. Ralph the golf nut and his buddies sound like they will have a good time as well as you will with your buddies.




7 years ago

You are going to be one busy girl!! All of is sounds like tons of fun and I hope you enjoy every minute you are with your friends and family!!!:)