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Tuesday, Jul 27 2010 - m.i.a.

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well i have been missing in action for a few weeks, but not straying from my goals and dedication to my weight loss regimen. this is a first for me. all i think about is being on the program for a reason, not just for a moment. i have stuck to the south beach diet faithfully. i have had a couple of minor moments of weakness, but none that i was unaware of and i counted every morsel. being aware and counting the calories is a big step for me. stopping is another. by not allowing a moment of weakness to snowball into a day or week of diet treachery i have empowered myself to eat normally instead of eat out of control. this is a revelation to me. i can do it and never thought i could before now.

i reached the twenty pound mark today. that's a fast pace considering i only began the program on june 18th, but i am not worried at all. i don't feel deprived, i am eating the right food and the right amount of calories. i feel healthier than i have for years.

tomorrow i leave for north carolina for 2 weeks. my girlfriends are joining my for about 9 days and ralph will be there for the last 6. my girlfriends all joined weight watchers so i think we won't be surrounded by the usual temptations of margaritas, spinach dip and scoops (we just love those scoops!) my intention is to stock the condo with the right choices for us. i am sure we'll go out to eat a few times too, but we'll pack our lunches for the pool and keep things as light as possible. i intend to lose a pound or two while away. i am not going to use the vacation excuse to gain any weight. my momentum is so strong right now!

we had a beautiful wedding to attend over the weekend. it was unbelievably hot in new york that night though. she had an outdoor ceremony which she (the lovely bride lindsay, my cousin's daughter) graciously cut short because it was so overwhelmingly hot. i am using a lot of hyperbole to describe the heat, but i swear to you these are not exaggerations. it was just crazy hot. the reception was very non-traditional too. basically it was one long cocktail hour with the wedding ceremony in the middle. we had the use of a fabulous mansion (de seversky center on long island) and there was food and tables in at least 6 different rooms. one room was dedicated to dancing, but it was impossible for everyone to be in that room all at once. there were several patios and doors left opened constantly that made some of the indoor rooms less than cool. add that to steam trays of delicious lamp chops and portabello ravioli (i did have one rav.) and you have a lot of shiny skin!!

i am not sure if i loved this long cocktail hour idea for a wedding. on the one hand it made it very fun and non-restrictive. you didn't feel like you had to do anything but relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. you could eat when you wanted and what you wanted. unfortunately, with so many rooms and no assigned seating, you didn't know where people were half the time. it was like playing a game of clue. did you see cousin mary? i think she is the dance room. no wait i just saw her in the library...lol don't get my wrong, it was a lovely, lovely event. my cousin et al did a great job coordinating and planning a spectacular event. we didn't get any rain, the food was delicious, the bride was so beautiful and everyone had a great time. i don't think you can ask for more than that at a wedding. oh wait you can...where are those comfortable shoes i used to own?

ok i have spent too long on the computer this morning (the main reason why i don't blog every day anymore). i have a few errands to run with ralph and it is almost noon!!...yikes..

have a great day....

Photo: -- they had a photo booth at the wedding. Did those booths get smaller or did we just get much larger? don't answer that...lol

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7 years ago

Congrats on the 20 pounds....hope you had a wonderful vacation!!!




7 years ago

:heart2:Oh Grace 20 pounds lost is so awesome--I am so proud of you :clap::clap: Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends!!




7 years ago

:hi: Congratulations on the awesome weight loss, but most importantly on realizing that you can make it through this journey to good health. You have some really great realizations posted here. The wedding sounds awesome. Hope you have a great time in North Carolina. :)