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Tuesday, Sep 14 2010 - back in the saddle again

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:rock1:i feel good, like i knew that i would:rock1:

yes, i think i am back in control 100% again. i had a good day yesterday and well of course i plan on continuing it today.

i spent the morning putting together a survey for my 40th hs reunion on surveymonkey.com. it's a free service if you don't upgrade and a great way to collect information and opinions for just about anything. it was really easy, so now i wait for the results.

thankfully my new bathing attire came today so i can begin my swimming lessons tomorrow. i really needed the bathing cap and could only find one made for a lot of hair online. they won't let you in the pool without a cap so i was anxious that i was going to have to miss the first lesson. i would have been very annoyed because it would be so easy for me to use that as just another excuse not to follow through with this. but i am determined not to fall back into old patterns.

i stayed the same today - actually gained a pound, but i am going to leave it as the same. call it "fooling myself" or just not wanting to post it, but that is what i am doing. i know i had a rough weekend and why i gained, so that is all that matters, right?

my deck box came today. i ordered it to store the cushions from the new patio set. of course fedex left this giant box on my front stoop. it is not crazy heavy, but i don't want to try and drag it into the backyard by myself. ralph won't be home until later tonight, so i will just have to wait until then. i don't think anyone will come along and take it. it's pretty big and conspicuous for someone to just walk away with it. :laugh5::laugh5:

i made my appointment with my primary care physician for october 18th. hopefully i will lose another 5 or 6 pounds by then and he will really be impressed! i like this guy a lot. he didn't hit me over the head with "you need to lose weight now". he was realistic and funny because he had to lose weight a few years ago and still struggles a bit. as he says "i love my pasta"! hey doc, so do i!!!!

i decided to make my appointment for a colonoscopy (several years over due) and a check-up with a dermatologist (i have very fair skin and although i use lots of sunscreen and tan carefully, i should get a body scan.) i have never had a body scan before. hopefully i don't have anything to worry about because i couldn't get an appointment until march. really, march??

next on the doctor list is my cardiologist and gynecologist. i know you are all just so excited :eyebrows: to read about my sudden ah ha moments to make sure everything is in working order. i would kill myself if when i finally lose all this weight i then find out there is something else wrong with me!!! :bang: i highly recommend this peace of mind exercise. it's a big step for me!

speaking of ah ha moments, did you watch oprah yesterday? i know there has been a lot of hype about this being her last season, but i think it is going to be very enjoyable to watch. i thought the first show was fun and boy do i wish i was an ultimate fan so i could join them on the trip to australia. i have been there already and loved it -- a second trip wouldn't be bad though!

ok time to start dinner preparation. be good..and if you can't be good, be happy...:devil7:

the photo: i made these cupcakes for my niece's baby shower last march. i used 2 lifesavers and a jelly bean to make the pacifier decorations on top. they were so cute. i posted this for kerry (kr1814).

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7 years ago

Glad to hear you're taking care of yourself. Who knows what would have happened to me if I hadn't had my attempted gastric bypass last year?!?!? I had stage 4 ovarian cancer and hadn't really had any symptoms . . . it could have been around my heart before I felt anything.

by KRIS319



7 years ago

Good idea getting all those appts made and out of the way. Hopefully you won't encounter any doctor/insurance issues like I've been having lately.

You never know, my 47 year old brother just had a heart attack last night - one artery was 100% blocked. We can't take our health for granted, can we?




7 years ago

:hi: So glad to see you are feeling so great. Good luck with all those doctor's appointments. Great steps you are taking to take care of yourself. I love the cupcakes they are really cute. As for the shape-up shoes, they run a little small, so I went up just a half size, but didn't have any trouble with the width. I have wide feet and am flat footed to boot. I wore them all day today and must say they are the most comfortable sneaker I have ever worn. Even went for a 40 minute walk in them this evening. For the first time in a long time I had no heal pain.




7 years ago

Yes you need to make all those doctor's appointments my sister would still be here if she had only made a couple of over due appointments!!!:love: Cute cupcakes!!:)




7 years ago

very cute cupcakes!!

by KR1814