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Monday, Sep 20 2010 - Observations from the Locker Room

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I haven’t had a chance to blog in several days. I miss it and feel I am doing myself a disservice when I don’t take a few minutes to share.

I started my swimming lessons and swimming in general last week and love it. I only went twice, but I definitely got my feet wet –literally…lol as it turns out, I am the only one who signed up for the women’s swimming class so basically I am getting private lessons. The instructor was very nice and said I wasn’t as bad as I thought. Some of the students come in and they are either afraid of water or can barely tread water. I just have to improve my freestyle technique (breathing and kicking correctly are my issues) and then we are going to work on the butterfly. I already saw an improvement when I went to do laps the day after my lesson. I am not ready for the Olympics, but then that is not my goal! :laugh5: I would like to go 3 or 4 times this week and add some of the water workout classes, so stay tuned.

Many of the women at the pool are senior citizens –well into their 70s. Actually, other than the life guards I was the youngest person there. I met one “young” woman who was 94! God love her, she was doing laps as she was recovering from shoulder surgery no less. I was inspired! :thumbu2:Of course then there were the women who think they own the place. You recognize them immediately. I heard some of them talking about “this” person and “that” person and why they weren’t there etc. I thought to myself, ah some women and their gossip will never change. :talking::talking:

Observations from the locker room: Some women are awfully comfortable walking around the locker room completely naked. I just don't get it! I am not a prude, but I am not going to just stand around a locker room naked and chat up the woman next to me. I don’t enjoy talking to someone who is naked, unless it is my husband…lol I find it quite awkward, especially when you are sitting down putting your shoes on and they are standing right in front of you gabbing away. :nono2::nono2: That is a bird’s eye view I can do without!

I mentioned this to my chiropractor and he felt the same way. As he put it “you just want to do your business, get dressed and leave.” He told me about a guy who once started grooming his “man parts” in the sink next to him while he was brushing his teeth. That was way too close for him and if you ask me pretty gross. He actually complained to management and they put up a sign requesting people not to do “personal grooming” in the sinks…Talk about a visual.:teeth1:

Ralph was down in NC with his sister, niece and nephew for a long weekend to celebrate his sister’s 65th birthday. Thankfully, he left Thursday morning, before the crazy storm that hit NY in the afternoon. I am telling you it got so dark at 5:45 PM that I couldn’t even see my next door neighbor’s house through the kitchen door. We got a lot of rain and some of the wind, but not as bad as 10 miles south of us.

I stayed behind to take care of my dad. We went to the casino on Friday and otherwise just had a relaxing weekend. His niece left me a nice note on Facebook to tell me how lovely the condo is and how she thought we bought a decorated model! I enjoyed that compliment a lot because I love to decorate!

I took a sneak peek at the scale this morning and I am down 2.4 pounds. :clap::clap:Technically, I am down 3.4 lbs., but since I didn’t record my gain last week, well then I can’t count the loss this week. I decided to change my weigh-in date to Monday to make my sneak peek official. Truthfully, I think it helps keep me more honest on the weekends knowing the weigh-in comes bright and early on Monday.

As of yesterday, it was 1 year since my dad’s house burned down. I can’t believe how quickly time passes. I was just 4 days post back surgery and then that happened. Talk about a stick of dynamite being thrown into our lives. But we survived and life is good. My dad lives with us since then and he is thriving. My back is almost 100% better and I am finally losing weight. Life is good and we are very happy. What more could I ask for? OK, a winning lottery ticket would be nice!

Tomorrow is our 8th wedding anniversary. :kiss: Ralph has to work, but he has a dinner surprise cooked up for tonight. Last year, we couldn’t celebrate at all. So we are both looking forward to a wonderful night together. A lot of the top restaurants in the area are closed on Monday, but he has something special planned. I pick him up at the airport at 2 PM. I hope his flight isn’t delayed. We’ve had a rough year and couldn’t celebrate last year.

Did anyone else watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO last night? I have to say, I thought it was very well done. The attention to period detail was terrific. We’ll have to see how the characters are developed over the next 9 weeks, but so far it looks very promising.
That’s all from this side. Have a wonderful day!!:bye:

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4 comments so far.


7 years ago

Happy Anniversary and you are doing so well. Yes some folks can be awfully strange in gym locker rooms.




7 years ago

OH.MY.GOD! He was probably 'm'bating and brushing his teeth! Euuuuu.... some people just can't get enough pleasure... :barf3:

I'm not a fan of being naked.period let alone parading in front of others.

Sound like things are going very well for you and especially the 3.4-lbs gone!!! Good job and glad you're enjoying the swimming.




7 years ago

OMG Grace! 'Man parts' grooming in a public sink? Ewwwww!!!!!!!

So glad you've kept your sense of humor through a rough year and have so much to celebrate on this anniversary!

I saw about half of Boardwalk Empire last night... I'm up really early to get to work so it's recorded for another time. It looks great already!





7 years ago

Good job on your weight loss:thumbu2: Hope you enjoy your anniversary--wow 8 years that's awesome!!!:heart2: