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Thursday, Sep 23 2010 - Blogging My Heart Out

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I wrote this long, wonderful blog the other day and then it just vanished. It’s happened before and I know better. Having been burned before, I usually write my blog in a word document and then cut and paste to CK, but because I was in a hurry (proof that haste really does make waste) I just wrote it on CK and then the magician like powers of CK just made it disappear before I could save it! I am sure it is with the thousands of socks I have lost through the years. Of course then there wasn’t any time to rewrite the darn thing, so here I am today trying to recreate it. Of course I have more fodder for the feedback today.

I am loving my swimming. I am no longer the only person in my class so that is a bit of a bummer. Although Valerie is a very nice person, she does not know how to swim at all. Now, all the instructor’s personal attention has to be split (and not equally, I might add) between the two of us. I just went off and swam laps while Valerie (bless her heart) learned how to float. It’s not really a big deal, but I sort of liked the fact that I was going to get private lessons.

The Ladies That Swim -- OK, this catty bunch of women is getting cattier. Several people have told me the “rules”, but these rules are only in their heads. You can definitely see there are certain people who don’t like certain other people and all groups have managed to whisper a thing or two in my ear. I just nod and smile, not wanting to get into the middle of the 70 year old cat (or should I say shark) fighting. Ladies, I just want to do my laps, take my shower and go home. I don’t want to make friends (not that I am not kind) and I don’t want to see your naked butts for longer than I have to!

The Anniversary Dinner Surprise -- Ralph took me to a place called The Red Barn in Westport, Ct. It’s about a ½ hour drive from our house. He was very secretive and wouldn’t give me a clue. I kept asking questions as we drove north and east of us, but he wouldn’t budge. He loves doing those things; that’s his version of romantic. You won't hear any complaints from me. Anyway we had a lovely dinner and I stayed within my calorie allowance. I even enjoyed (really enjoyed) a nice glass of cabernet (have I ever told you how much I enjoy a good Cab.?) and a slice of a delicious dark raisin bread with a smear of real butter. There is really nothing that tastes as yummy as good bread with a little butter.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving -- Well we all know there is a very long list of things that aren’t the smartest things to be doing while driving. Some have laws against them, some are just common sense; many fall into both categories. On Tuesday, I was headed home from the Y when a pick-up truck pulled up alongside me. The driver was a young man, perhaps in his 30s. Of course always willing to glance sideways at young men in pick-up trucks, I did just that. Well there he was with spoon in one hand and a bowl (not a cup!) of piping (I could see the steam ) hot soup. Now I have managed to eat a bagel, smoke a cigarette (back in the day) and sip my coffee while driving to work many times. But I only needed one hand to do any of those things and I usually rotated between the 3. It was a challenge, but I managed quite well. But this was something else entirely; an open bowl of very hot soup? To me this was absolutely an accident waiting to happen. He shot ahead of me when the light changed sort of holding the steering wheel with his wrists, still sipping away. I hope there wasn’t a short stop waiting for him down the road, because that could be deadly for the family jewels. Hey, that’s the second time I have mentioned man partsthis week. I wonder what is on my mind.

An Accident is Just a Spider Away -- One big, nasty-looking, "I'm about to jump into your hair" spider on the sun visor in my car equaled almost complete panic by little 'ol me. Thankfully I was on a side street and not on a highway so I was able to pull over and take care of the matter without making too much of a scene...lol (At the time, I was not laughing.) They say many car accidents are caused by insect sightings in the cars. Um, I can believe it!!

The New TV Season -- OK there are just way too many new shows that are piquing my interest this season. Thank goodness for DVRs, but you still have to find the time to watch all the shows. I am already hooked on Boardwalk Empire and Detroit 187 (note the Sopranos connection in both). Also, I am enjoying the new Top Chef Just Desserts, but I don’t think it is going to have the legs that Top Chef has. You can’t push the envelope with baking as much as you can with cooking. The time limits have to be more reasonable because you have to bake almost everything for its time limit. There isn’t any such thing as a medium-rare cupcake. I’ll watch it anyway.

When Success Drives the Bus -- I have to tell you that feeling successful at weight loss for the first time in I can’t tell you how long is just such an amazing confidence booster. Instead of thinking about obstacles, I am thinking about ways to improve and continue my journey. Instead of worrying about how long it is going to take to reach my goal, I am truly just enjoying my own transformation. Instead of fearing a falter (because one is typically followed by a downward spiral) I tolerate them as a part of human nature and simply move on. Instead of allowing stress and stressful people to overwhelm me all the time, I have become much better at limiting the damage those moments and people can trigger. It’s not 100% yet, but it’s always going to be a work in progress. I can honestly say that for the first time in this century I am not afraid of the future and failure and poor health. See that girl over there doing the Teaberry Shuffle? A reference to an old TV commercial for you younger folks!!! I am dating myself, but does anyone remember that gum and that commercial? Basically, it just means I am happy…REALLY happy.

Sometimes I dream about hanging a shingle out for a new business. I would call it Been There Done That. I would try to help people lose weight by example, not by what a book tells you. It’s not about finding things you can eat to lose weight, it’s about finding things you can eat and enjoy for the rest of your life. The minute you say I am on a diet it means that it has a beginning and you are thinking about an end. Once you break that cycle and that mindset, you can move into lifestyle thinking and start learning about the foods you are going to eat and enjoy most of the time for the rest of your life. Life won’t be without treats (healthy or decadent ones); it’s just a journey to learn when, where, how often and is it really worth it?

Another shingle I would hang up would be called The Better Loser. I know some of you disagree with me, but I think The Biggest Loser is the worse show on TV about losing weight. I believe it does more harm than good. How can anyone in real life compete with that show? How can you feel successful losing a pound or two a week, when the show uses the word only in front of a 4 or 5 pound weekly weight loss? How can anyone feel motivated to get up and move a bit when they show people requiring oxygen and the paramedics after they have been pushed too hard in a work out? It’s all about realistic goals – both in the foods we choose and exercise. No one needs to vomit after a workout. Since when did throwing up at anytime become a good thing? I would and do advocate slowly moving into a more active lifestyle based on how sedentary you are in the first place. If it’s bad on a car’s engine to accelerate too quickly, what makes people think it is any better to Floor It when it comes to our bodies? To me, drastic weight losses typically mean drastic weight gains soon after. Harrumph!!!!

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7 years ago

hate it when the blog goes away. I *always* do a control A/control C to my blog before I preview or save. Usually the problem is an open or closing character that CK doesn't support.

70-year old cat fights.. Ooo not me, I'd love to know the scoop... especially the little old lady gossip =D

TOP CHEF desserts is amazing. Again, I am a cat fight lover and this one is sizzling! The first season; the VERY first TOP Chef season had a real cast of catty characters and no season since has topped it!

Biggest looser - agreed. Now there is a TBL home food device delivery and some ex-constant boasting that *if I can do it, you can do it*. Those are 9-words in a row that I HATE anyway but I had to laugh.... right. you were on a television set weight loss center for aggressive weight loss under strict supervision... just like real life. (ya biotch!) LOL!!!

GREAT blog today and I probably don't have enough room to comment and agree on everything! :y:!




7 years ago

OK, my Lifestyles According to Grace is now over. MY soapbox is back in the corner and I am officially ending this very long blog with a great big shout out to all my friends out in CK Land…..Have a wonderful day…week….etc… They keep cutting my ending off....:hi::hi::hi:




7 years ago

So glad you are REALLY happy. And when I went to aqua aerobic there was a contingent who are in the back of the pool and they do nothing but chat. Take care and keep going. I agree on the The Biggest Loser. It is about moving in a different direction than the direction of bad old habits.




7 years ago

Awesome blog today Grace (as usual) you are doing so well and your attitude :rock1: