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Friday, Sep 24 2010 - One Big Stink!

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On Weds, I went food shopping. By the time I got home it was almost 6:30 PM, I was getting hungry and dinner wasn't even started. So I took all the packages in except two bags with non-perishables and cleaning supplies. I left the trunk open knowing I would go get the bags as soon as I got dinner going. Oh, how wrong I was...Around 8:30 PM we had a torrential downpour. I ran upstairs to close my windows, but didn't even think about the trunk of my car. Around 11:00 PM I went upstairs to do some laundry and get ready for bed. It was then that the realization (hmmm, didn't I buy laundry detergent today?) that my trunk was still open slowly crept into my head. As the "no I didn't, yes I did" debate raged in my head I looked out the window. I couldn't tell for sure because of the darkness, but I moved to "oh my goodness, you idiot" thoughts as I went back downstairs to check. :bang::bang:

Of course the trunk was open and everything inside was soaking wet. :cry3::cry3: I grabbed the shopping bags (paper inside of plastic) and noticed that non-perishable cantaloupe sitting toward the back of the trunk. :laugh5::laugh5: The lining of the trunk along with a blanket were very wet, but there wasn't much I could do about it. I closed the trunk and brought the bags and my cantaloupe in the house. I dried everything off, laughed at my stupidity and went upstairs to bed.:laugh5::laugh5: I was thankful that at least I remembered before a raccoon got to my cantaloupe!!!

Yesterday, I did several errands and was back home by 3:00 PM. I never opened the trunk and didn't take the car out for the rest of the day. It's at this time that I should mention the Autumnal heat wave we have been experiencing in the north east. It's been well into the 80s since Weds. and today it's expected to reach 90. Perfect temperatures for damp, musky odors to grow.

As you have probably guessed we got into my car today and the mildew odor was overpowering. It took all of 10 seconds for me to realize it was coming from the trunk and the soaking wet lining and blanket within. I threw out the blanket, but I am not quite sure what to do about the lining. It's basically glued to the inside of the trunk and evidently very absorbent. My husband thinks the smell will eventually fade away (you know the spilled milk baby bottle smell?) But I am not so sure it will fade away quickly enough for me. I think it still has some fermenting to do. It is truly offensive. Thankfully cooler weather is expect for tomorrow, but I think I will bring the car to the car wash and see what they have to say. I am sure it involves pulling out the lining and scrubbing it down all for a nominal fee. Perhaps, my husband and I will tackle it tomorrow.

OK, it is not the worse thing that has ever happened to me, um not even close. I guess I will have a reminder (and a chuckle) every time I get into my car, at least until the smell slowly fades away (unless of course the car wash has a miracle solution for me.)

Have a great weekend... :bye::bye:

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7 years ago

have a great weekend and the smell with subside no doubt. Things like that can make us feel just plain silly. :tongue10:




7 years ago

Oopsie :rolling1: Hope the stench dissipates, though it may take some elbow grease!




7 years ago

:hi: Sorry to hear about you leaving the trunk open. Sure hope the car wash has a great solution for you. Thanks for the suggestion on the calorie burn. I know I need to start eating some of them back. Trying to refiugre everything, now that i am up and moving from the surgeries, but it's difficult. Hope you have a great weekend.




7 years ago

Can you try baking soda on it? Let it set for a bit and then vacuum it out? Maybe???



7 years ago

Oh no! I hate when stuff like that happens. Usually it happens when my mind is overwhelmed by too much going on. Wanna know what I did yesterday? Came home from work and pulled my car in the garage, made dinner, watched TV, went to bed.... got up this morning and realized that I had left the garage door open all night!! :afraid4: Besides my car, there are a couple of motorcycles in there, some very expensive road bikes, power washer, skis, snowboards, etc etc. Thank God nothing was missing (that I could tell from a quick walk through the garage). Whew. :$ Here's to a relaxing weekend!