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Saturday, Sep 25 2010 - move the mountain

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move the mountain
the obstacles
that have always
stood in the way
of my progress
my ability
to be healthy
to want to be healthy
to stay the course
often dragged
down and deep
like the albatross,
mine was sometimes
life itself
and the unbearable
moments that took
my will away
sapped my strength
to be the best
I could be
for me
and only me

move the mountain
with the anger
and remorse
for words unspoken
and those words
shouted in haste
spoken in misunderstanding
cutting like a knife
into my self worth
my humblest of egos
shattered into
millions of pieces
scattered to the abyss
that became my soul

move that mountain
that became the burden
af all my failings
supposed failings
that clouded my vision
of all that is good
that took away my believe
in all I could be
that nurtured the doubt
in all that I was
and so I faltered
and again
and again.

move the mountain
around whose peak
I now see
the beauty of Grace
the wonders of strength
the joy in my fortune
the love in my heart
the hope in the future
the belief in me

move the mountain
one stone
one dust of sand
at a time
but move it
for I am worth it
we are worth it!
every sweated brow
every tear shed
every leap of faith
every door wedged open
with will
and determination
and last drops of strength
with the knowledge
we are important
we are blessed
we are all that matters
we will
yes, we will
yes, we will

The photo: The little munchkin, Lucas (my great nephew)-- who is cute as can be and brings a smile to my face every single time. Do I need any other reason to move the mountain??

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7 years ago

:hi: Love today's wisdom of your blog! You are already moving the mountain, but what better reason to continue to move it, then his beautiful face. He sure looks like a precious angel! Hope you are having a great weekend!