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Saturday, Oct 9 2010 - Focus

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I am having a difficult time focusing the past few days. I don't know why, really. My weight loss has slowed down and that has me a bit frustrated. But, then I did my measurements and I lost 3 inches in my waist since August. :clap: I guess the swimming is helping me there. But onward we go.

I start every morning completely dedicated to sticking with my program. I do well for 80% of the day. But then the sun sets and the sugar cravings begin. :bang: My new strategy includes going upstairs and staying there shortly after dinner. I do this for 2 reasons. First it gets me away from the kitchen and temptation which usually creeps in around 9:00 PM. I never bother to go back downstairs after dinner.

My bedroom is very big. I have a nice sitting area to read a book or watch TV. The laundry closet is right there so I usually get some laundry down while hiding from the kitchen demons. :evil:

The second reason I go upstairs is to get away from the incessant noise produced by my dad's loud TV and Beverly's constant shouting (on the phone) or singing loudly (in my dad's room with his TV blasting). :bang: The other evening I thought, maybe there is a way to soundproof that room. You see, I don't want to HAVE to go hide in my room for some peace and quiet. I would like to be able to watch TV or read a book in my Living Room -- while my dad is comfortably watching the 100th rerun of a Deal or No Deal episode on The Game Show Network. :nono2::nono2:But I tell you it is nearly impossible. There might as well be a Baptist Church revival in the next room when Beverly is singing.:rock1::rock1::rock1::rock1:

And don't get me started about her talking on the phone. She is on her cell phone 10 hours a day! Often in the morning (way before 7:00 AM) I walk by her room headed to the bathroom hear her talking on the phone already. I am amazed! Who has that much to say at the crack of dawn??? When she is in my dad's bedroom she shouts on the phone. The TV is so loud and she is even louder. But then she shouts on the phone regardless of where she is. Basically, she is just a loud person. Sometimes I find the whole thing just comical and other times I want to declare "Quiet Time" and yell "Shut up" just to hear myself think....lol Side Note: I am enjoying my somewhat quiet time right now, but the silence has been broken. MY dad just decided to clip his fingernails. Instead of doing it in his bedroom (where he was happily sitting 10 minutes ago), he came to the deck right beside where I am sitting. OK, nail clipping noise is not particularly loud -- but it IS spectacularly annoying (at least to me....lol):cry3::cry3:

Thankfully, Ralph and I are headed to NC at the beginning of November. I need to get away from here every 3 months to keep my sanity and still love having my dad living here. :love::love:We are approaching the end of the proverbial rope -- a.k.a. the current 3 month period.

I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Tuesday. :cry4::cry4: One would think it would help a person's weight loss efforts. I am more worried it is going to throw me completely off and out of my routine. I know I have to do it, so I won't complain. Hopefully I will come out the other end (pun intended) no worse for the wear...lol:eyebrows::eyebrows:

OK, Dad is still clipping his nails, so I have to stop typing now. Otherwise, I may clip his wings instead.....peace to all....:laugh5::laugh5: Focus Grace, FOCUS!!!:thumbu2::thumbu2:

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7 years ago

Focus Grace... and I wish you patience as well! Wow...

I know it might present an awkward conversation, but maybe you should say something nicely to them? Like, "I'm SURE you don't realize it because I know you'd NEVER do that on purpose. Sometimes we just don't hear ourselves..." You know? You shouldn't have to feel like you're a prisoner in your own house. I mean, would you say something if she started walking through your Living Room naked? Ummm... I think so!!! :wink3:




7 years ago

LMAO! If I could stop going downstairs after 9:00PM.... I'd be a much smaller person!!!

Oh god, my step-father clips his nails in *public* too. why don't they do that in the bathroom???

Hang in there hon! :kiss: