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Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 - Sister Suffragette

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Yesterday was a good day.:clap:

Today I am preparing for a little luncheon at our house tomorrow. 2 nieces, 1 nephew, 1 Sister-in-Law and one bambino (my adorable great nephew) are coming over for a visit with my dad. I am keeping the menu simple. I am making 3 quiches (easy ones) and a tossed salad with goat cheese. I'll grill some chicken so I will have a great choice.

I have Election Day overload. It is ugly out there. The rhetoric is so consuming. The mud is being flung left and right (pun intended). I do not like the Tea Party Agenda. :nono2: It is not clearly articulated and many of their candidates have extreme ideas that our contrary to my beliefs. In NY, we have a Conservative candidate for governor who is the epitome of an angry man and a bully.:evil: His track record is ruthless and unkind -- and I am choosing my words carefully. Thankfully, he doesn't have a chance to win. I am embarrassed for my state.

I can think of a few other states that have reason to be embarrassed; Kentucky, Delaware, Nevada and Alaska -- I'll throw in California for good measures. These states will have strange representation if the election goes one way over another.:nono1:

I will be glad when this election cycle is over. :clap:

Ralph is going to DC on Saturday to attend Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity. What a state of affairs we have. A comedian has the right idea. The other pundits (not call them journalists) are mostly loud, obnoxious and too angry (about everything) to ever make a good choice. Ah, I need some yoga....:thumbu2:

I have decided I watch too much TV. I do record a lot and get to fast forward through most of what I watch. Even if I can watch something "live" I wait and watch the recording -- unless it is commercial free. But still, I watch way more than I should. I'll have to work on that.:nono5:

I haven't gone to the Y to swim in 3 weeks. That's a problem I have to deal with.:nono4:

Ralph and I are headed to NC on the 5th. We'll have 11 days to catch our breath. I am looking forward to getting away. Beverly will stay with Dino and I am grateful.:love:

Can't say that life is bad. Won't say that life is great. Happy to say it is pretty good.:thumbu2:

Time to get going.

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7 years ago

Yes California does have something to be embarrassed about but being the liberal that I am, I know who I want to win. The anger and disrespect is what gets me.




7 years ago

Enjoy your company!
I am so with you on the election, I have no clue who is running for what because all of the ads in my area are negative ones... arugh...