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Monday, Feb 6 2012 - The View From The Fridge

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At this moment in time, I am happy. I have somehow gotten my weight loss efforts back on track after a year of floundering. I feel energized and full of purpose. I don't cry every single day and have given up the pity party I repeated almost daily for way too long. I feel such relief now. For months I couldn't shake the feelings of complete failure and impossible goals. I feared for my future. Now I have confidence for success and realistic goals to strive for. Yes, I am happy.

The View From The Fridge is full of healthy foods; eggs, low fat cheeses, fruits, veggies, 1% milk and greek yogurt. I indulge in a small portion of dark chocolate every day. The processed foods are minimal and the bad stuff is gone or hidden (hubby still can't give up his pringles). The View From The Couch involves some upper body strengthening and squats. Walking a lot is not an option for me, because of my ankle. But, that tunnel has a light at the end of it. The more weight I lose, the healthier I will be and the sooner I can have my ankle replacement surgery (which will put walking back on my fitness agenda).

This is my first blog in more than a year. It feels terrific to share again. It feels even better to write. The View From My Heart is overflowing with good feelings, great confidence and yes, happiness again...:kiss:

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6 years ago

:hi: so good to see you here. Glad to see you are back on track and sounding so happy! :love:




6 years ago

Very nice. Wish I could find my track.




6 years ago

YAY Grace you go girl!! :thumbu2: Glad to see you back on CK!!!!=D