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Thursday, Jan 3 2013 - I'm Baaack... Hey IOWL is amazing btw

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Ok, so the holidays were waaay too hard for me to stay on track... working in health care during the holidays just sucks. Nurses, police, firemen and paramedics dont just get the holiday off... we still have to do ur jobs and try to juggle all the family holiday commitments. Its hard and VERY tiring. I found my self getting about 4 hours of sleep between work and holiday gatherings. BUT I am back. I only gained 3 pounds and I was pretty shocked that that was all i gained. I am also starting to listen to this online blog called inside out weight-loss on personal life media. It is pretty simple but 11 shows in, and I am already feeling more energized and empowered. Check it out. and yes, I am here to stay, because I dream of a me that is 50 and fabulous and I know accountability is a [art of getting there.


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