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Getting real

Tuesday, January 27th 2009

Have you seen my profile photo? I think I'm cute, I think that photo doesn't remind me of what I'm doing here at CK. Last week I decided to take some full figure photos to give a good idea of what my reality is at this time, reality being 209 lbs when the photos were taken. I think I often feel thin, certainly thinner than I actually am right now. These photos do not scare me, but certainly enlighten me. I think what scares me about my fat right now is when I look directly at my body. Even...

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Monday, Monday

Monday, January 26th 2009

I had a very good week last week, other than not enough exercise. Calories were kept in bounds and I posted a 2 lb weight loss, yippee! I expect to make it back to the AquaSize class tomorow and get back on the road to moving my bod again.

I should do it here

Saturday, January 24th 2009

I check in a lot with the 2009 Challenge forum. I didn't get to post last night (company for dinner) and though I checked that one and other forums this morning, I just didn't feel like writing to the folks there. In a forum, there is a lot of replying to what folks have written before and they get personal and motivating and caring and wonderful, but sometimes I'm not wonderful enough to share with others, know what I mean? However, I wanted to mark my presence here on CK today. I entered ...

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Supporting myself

Monday, January 19th 2009

I've been playing in the forums, and that is fun and important, I think, to make friends on the journey and share the ups and downs of it. But I realize this morning that everyone doesn't want to hear of my every change and decision and mouthful and step taken. Not that I do either, so much, but I do want to remark on steps of my journey. My blog is the place to do that, where folks can look and read if they like but they don't "have to" quite like in the forums.:talking:

I checked my ...

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Taking my own advice

Monday, January 12th 2009

I just wrote to my friend and as I was offering advice, my little voice said to me, "Are you listening to yourself?" Good advice, Little Voice. Taking care of ourselves seems to be the hardest thing we do. We love one another so much as to encourage and praise and pray for. Make your friend your mirror, whaddaya think?

I'm inside my calorie limit today! If I can do that at least 3 more times this week, then I can move to Level 3 on Bronze, whoopee! During my drive home today...

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