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Another day ...

Friday, July 31st 2009

This photo was sent to me by a cousin this morning. It made me think of Hansje on the 2009 -1/week challenge thread and so I wanted to show it to her. (It is a picture of a bridge between Sweden and Denmark which becomes a tunnel in the middle so that ships can pass!

I don't know a way to load photos except on my blog entries or at my profile. Can one add photos to PMs? And BTW, is there a way to quickly go to someone's profile or send them a PM except to go to my friends list or clic...

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getting off track

Wednesday, July 29th 2009

I'm getting a little lax here! Uh-oh. I haven't been reading and doing my "university" lessons and I haven't been reading The Beck Diet Solution. Last night I ate almost a whole sleeve of RITZ CRACKERS, and that's at least half of the calories I'm allowed in a day. I could have had a 200 calorie snack, I had that many left at the end of the day. I would have gone to sleep and dreamed of green checks all night.

Uh-oh. I've got to rein it in. I'm obviously not "retrained...

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Tuesday, July 28th 2009

Hot! it's hot here!

I was born and raised in Georgia, land of southern heat which starts in April in ends in early November. Hot land. (Oooohhh, maybe that's why they nickname the city Hotlanta!) I didn't know it when I was growing up though. Oh, I knew when we were having a hot day or many hot days; I knew our summers were hot; I thought I knew what hot was.

But now I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 30 years. The Georgia has been thoroughly taken out of this girl. A...

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Food Treats and TV Inertia

Sunday, July 26th 2009

I thought I'd never get back here! Whew.

You know, "they" tell us to reward ourselves for achieving goals and other marks of success in our weight loss program. "Get yourself a charm for your charm bracelet," "Treat yourself to a weekend at a spa," "Buy something you've not allowed yourself to spend for."

But is that really sensible? Why can't I have a food treat when I've lost 5 pounds. I don't intend to have 20 ice cream cones, but just one...

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For BookOwl and BrokenOwl

Thursday, July 16th 2009

This one's for you, Kids!

Luv, Yvonne