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Monday, Jun 21 2010 - Emotional eating

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You know how you are asked, in a list of reasons why you eat, if you eat when you are upset or emotional or whatever? I try to think of how I behave in those situations and can't remember -- do I eat when I'm upset?

I know there are certain upsets when eating is NOT my impulse. I feel more like I'm going to lose my cookies when I am nervous. But nervous is not necessarily emotionally upset is it? Is there a state of mind that leaves me wanting to eat to compensate for it?

Well, now I know. Yesterday Dear Daughter and her Lovely Husband stopped by to give my lovely husband a father's day card and token. Very nice. The visit is going along nicely, when DD becomes upset about the way the conversation is going and walks out! She got out of her chair, said, We have to go, happy father's day, no word or look at me and LEFT!

I felt like I'd been punched in the gut. My heart felt chilled and injured and hurting, and then I felt that physical heart hurt go into my stomach, my stomach registered "empty!" and sent up let's-eat message. Wow. Looks like yes, I could be eating out of my emotions sometimes.

Well, since yesterday afternoon, we have "used our words" and everyone knows where everyone stands over the event, and with more time, it'll be smoothed over and we can proceed with the strained relationship that we have. Too bad, or rather, as good as it gets. But among other things I learned yesterday, I learned that I do have to be aware of why I want to eat, could it be to compensate for some other kind of emptiness, I know more about myself and I'm stronger for the future. And my learning and strength will benefit my next generation daughter, even if we don't want to think about each other right this minute.

My time is running out, I told DH that I'd be ready to go on an errand with him by 2 o'clock and half that time has elapsed already since we spoke. So this writing on this tender topic needs to be reread and rethought before I share it, but I don't have time to do that carefully. So just don't hold me to anything I've written here. I may come back and want to say it another way!

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7 years ago

Hugs to you my friend! I hope things get better with DD soon!
I am a HUGE emotional eater and I am finally learning or I think I am learning on how to move past it. There are some things that still trigger me and I can't help myself. But we will get there and taking the first steps makes a big difference!