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Friday, Jun 25 2010 - Eating good food

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We are recommended to eat 5-6 vegetables and fruits a day and to eat less protein.

I am eating vegetables and fruits! This week plenty of kale and asparagus and romaine and fresh peas and grapes and cherries and strawberries and peppers and I don't know what all else. My protein for at least two meals was beans. I eat low fat protein as often as I can, keep oil to a little olive oil only and stay away from butter and processed foods.

Yet it is difficult for me to meet my fiber and protein goals (!!!) for each day. It's hard to keep fats under my goal high. What's up with this? Do I need to eat even more vegetables and gobs of tofu or (what?) no-fat protein?!

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7 years ago

What are your protein goals? It is hard to get 30 to 40% if you are eating vegetarian - the beans will get you over your calorie goal in no time. Not too hard to make 20% with beans and nuts, with some judicious use of soy, however. Amazing how full I am with a large pot of greens, some beans and some nut or seed butter - tastes great, too!

I bought into the large amounts of protein at one time, but have found that I actually do better eating large amounts of nutrient rich veggies and fruits - the volume fills me up better than the smaller volume of meat or eggwhites did, and my whole system feels better, too. No need for extra fiber, either!




7 years ago

I'm not sure about eating less protein. . . I think it's important to get enough lean protein so that you won't be hungry. My favorite source of lowfat protein is a can of water packed tuna mixed with 4 oz of 2% cottage cheese. You can add celery, onion, or whatever vegetables appeal to you. Just the cottage cheese and tuna equals about 250 calories and the extra veggies don't add much.

Another good lowfat protein is egg whites. The white has more protein than the yolk but no fat. I usually fix myself 1 egg plus 2 egg whites.




7 years ago

Tash, YAY!




7 years ago

Hello beautiful Yvonne! :kiss: Thank you for your note last week. I will be seeing you around these CK parts again... it's time!




7 years ago

I DO take a fiber supplement, max dose. Also mega calcium and a multi for women. sigh :afraid2:




7 years ago

What if you take a fiber supplement? That may help you!
I do pretty good with my fruit intake its my veggies that i end up slipping on. And as long as God makes chickens, I will be ok on the protein, lol...

Thank you for the wonderful note you left me! It made my day!!! xoxoxo