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Wednesday, Nov 14 2012 - November check-in

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This return to CK is up and down for me.... both in terms of weight and motivation.

When I first got back (in July) I wouldn't even step on the scale I was so scared of the number... I didn't want to admit how much I had gained. I am over that and am making myself get on the scale once a week, sometimes twice.

My motivation has waxed and waned... right now it is pretty high with the challenge I am running.

Unfortunately I haven't lost any weight and have actually put on a couple of pounds. I have already started working on some of the easy reasons why I am struggling... not being honest with my calorie intake, eating bigger meals than I am actually hungry for, being too generous with my exercise calories, letting too many of my calories come from alcohol (ideally less than 300 calories per week which is about 2 glasses of wine), having trigger foods at home or caving in to trigger foods, and not getting enough cardio exercise.

I have, though... to pat myself on the back... picked up some new good habits. I now bring my lunch to work every day and am doing much better at logging before I eat and planning out my calorie intake for the day. I have started doing a lot more yoga (a lot more yoga than I have ever done before). For example, yesterday I went to two yoga classes and was so proud of myself to see how much stronger I am becoming because of my practice. 3 weeks ago when I started going to yoga again was so much harder than it is now. I am excited to see myself grow and challenge myself to go deeper or attempt new poses. Today I am really sore through my core from a core flow class I went to last night... and I LOVE that I am sore there! Also really sore in my triceps... I am excited to build muscle and strength from yoga as opposed to weight lifting.

I have also been cross training more - I have been swimming once or twice a week and I am really excited to start playing soccer again next week - I am on 2 different teams that start again next week!

So I am trying to keep it in perspective.

I think my new focus on logging, meeting my calorie target, getting enough activity, and avoiding drinking or consuming trigger foods is great and I know with enough diligence in those 4 areas, the pounds will come off. I need to not focus so much on the scale (especially when it's not moving) and continue to applaud myself for other efforts... and just like yoga, relish in the small incremental improvements - sometimes the mental hurdles are so much more rewarding to get over than the physical ones.

Anyway - that's my November check-in... a mixed review but overall feeling positive!


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5 years ago

Friend, I haven't been doing any body fat analysis - but I have been taking my measurements and sadly they haven't really changed much. I bet that will be a different story over the next few weeks. :)




5 years ago

You may actually be losing fat and gaining muscle. Are you tracking body fat as well? Fantastic that you are focused on, and celebrating, those victories and ALL the things you're doing right! Personal bests are way more motivating than numbers on a scale (or "the big liar" as I refer to mine)




5 years ago

You have a lot to be proud of. You have come a long way, but you know when to go back to basics.
Keep being an inspiration!