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Once upon a time...

First 5K

Saturday, October 27th 2007

FOOGI 5K Saturday October 27, 2007 10am start

Finish time: 24:51
23rd place overall (about 65 runners)
8th of 11 in the 40-49 male age group

Me coming into the finish!!
I had planned on wearing my Mr. Incredible costume, but it was too big to wear while running! :thumbu2: It was bought a few years ago when I was 70 pounds larger.:teeth1:

Race Results:



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Monday, September 3rd 2007

Biked 20.5 miles today.
3 day total = 103.1 miles :rolling1::thumbu2::rolling1:
Hit my goal of 100+ miles for long weekend total.

Knew going into today that I could do a shorter ride and enjoy more time at the pool....

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Sunday, September 2nd 2007

Biked 40.5 miles today.
2 day total = 82.6 miles
Going for 100+ for long weekend total. Should have no problem hitting it tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1st 2007

Biked 40.4 miles plus 1.7 to bike shop first to get new computer.
total = 42.1 miles
Going for 100+ for long weekend total.

It's been a year

Wednesday, August 1st 2007

Today is a year since I started with CK. I am 65 pounds lighter (goal was 75 but did not hit it) and in better shape. I exercise in one form or another almost every day. Lost 10-12 inches from my waist.

I approached this as a lifestyle change not a diet. If there is something I want I make a decision if I want to eat it or not. I don't deprive myself. Just reading a label can change your mind (I'm look at you Ben & Jerry :cross2: ). Making better choices comes more naturally now. Car...

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