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Moving the blog

Friday, November 2nd 2007

Haha, sorry guys but the CK blogging system is terrible. Zero customization and you can't make more than one post a day? I've made myself a new Livejournal blog. It's technically a "community" but I'm sorry, it's just for me to post in (making it a community just means I don't have to log out from my regular LJ account to post). I'll post a note here for every post I make if anyone needs/wants reminders to check it.

Hey, the...

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Monday, monday...

Monday, October 29th 2007

Weigh-in went up again today. 189. I'm torn between whether I want to rant and rave about how mad and disappointed with myself I am (which will make me even madder and more emotional, which doesn't help anything), or whether I want to just hold it in and not talk about it at all (which is pretty counter productive to not even acknowledge the problem).

Making plans makes me feel better, makes me feel like there's a way this'll all work out well. But if we look at every time I make a plan, h...

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Woops, slipping up again!

Monday, October 22nd 2007

I'm supposed to be keeping this dang thing up to date! It seems silly to spend a few minutes every day (sometimes a couple times a day) describing my process to my DDR buddy via private messages, and then coming here to say the same thing over again! Especially since I think she might be the only one that ever checks my blog, if she does at all ;)

But for the sake of keeping a record, I'll make an effort!

I've been using Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii as my primary cardio workout fo...

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Monday Weigh-In and Reflection

Monday, October 8th 2007

Weighed-in today at 184.5, the same as I was last week. That's half a relief (that I didn't slip), but I wish I'd even lost half a pound.

My exercising is going much better these days, and I was able to get in four of five days of workouts this past week. This week is gonna be all five!! Josh and I are for-sure getting a wii this week (or at least that's the plan) since his store is getting some in on Friday. We're getting up extra early so we can get in the door first thing! I can't remem...

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Review of Oct 2

Wednesday, October 3rd 2007

Failure. Total failure. I tried to eat so that I'd be full for a pizza party and then ate the pizza anyways! I did however resist the temptation of full-sugar coke with the pizza! Well, I don't like coke so it wasn't so hard, but I'll take what I can get.

I seem to be doing much better on the water front, even though I am not "supposed" to start until next week. Nearly 3x750 mL bottles drunk over the day, though I also had 2 x 710 mL bottles of diet pepsi.


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