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Didn't make March goal

Wednesday, February 28th 2007

Seems I woun't make 215 by March fisst but I'm close 217. Starting to ride outside and feel good. Did 3 laps today and considering I have a cold it was great. I'm ready for some 30-50 mile rides. Let's see whre that takes the weight.

First outside bike ride

Wednesday, February 21st 2007

Did spinning yesterday and the hip didn't hurt and today I did 15 miles and I'm OK!!!! Little twinges when I turn. Also got on the scale after the ride and was 215.5! Hopefully getting back on the bike will help get the weight loss back up to 2.5 pounds per week. It does look like I can make the March one goal. Boy 205 for the first of April sounds good!

happy today 219

Friday, February 16th 2007

After the big loss lat week and being high all week 219 is great news. Only 4 lbs to go before March 1st. Then I'll be back on the bike and can realy get things going. Feeling skinny today.

Things don't look food for this week

Thursday, February 15th 2007

Had my coloscopy yeserday and ate before and after having to fast for a full day. I may be paying the price this Friday on weigh in. This am I was 222 which is two pounds heavier than last week. Maybe I'll get lucky and with good eating and big exercize today I'll be down again. I was 218 after my bowel prep which does show there is at least 4 pounds of GI water in me.

Big new low

Friday, February 9th 2007

After traveling this week and getting less exercize than normal I moved down to 220! I think this partially might be a timing thing since the night before I was 224.5 but I'll take it. If I can maintain this for the next week I'll be right on track.