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Saturday, November 14th 2009

Why am I sabotaging myself? What is going on in my head that has turned my healthy routine upside down?
I looked back at my entries the last being October 28th to see if I had recorded anything that would help me understand why I got off plan. I did not write enough to know what happened.
I do remember we had a barbecue and I ate food that day I would not normally eat.
There were brownies and cookies etc. But I seemed to maintain the weight until just this last week.
I know things ha...

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Wednesday, October 28th 2009

I am having a hard time finding my motivation. I could justify why I am so tired and don't feel like doing anything but sleeping for two days, but it will not help me in my lifestyle change.
So do I say wow the week has been filled with long work hours, don't be to hard on yourself, or beware because you could fall off the wagon?
Between the long hours and the time change I need :help:

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Flu Shot

Friday, October 23rd 2009

Flu shots were available through my work yesterday, I decided to get one, it is my first flu shot. I didn't even feel it. I feel good today
Rode my bike today for 40 minutes. I rode it on the trainer, because I couldn't get it off the stand. Oh well a ride is a ride.

back in the saddle again

Wednesday, October 21st 2009

What a great day. Husband and I went for a nice ride to Newport Beach total of 110 minutes at 15 mph.
I feel like I will be able to have better control of the rest of the week.
Went shopping for food and got lunches ready for the week. It amazes me how motivating bike riding is for me.


Saturday, October 17th 2009

What do you have planned for the week-end?:rock1: Any exercise planned? :thumbu2: How about meals for the week?:bigeyes3:
It would be nice to hear what you all do for the week end.:heart2: Do you work on the week ends?:angry1:
Share your ideas...I could use a few new ideas.:huh:...

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