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I was attracted to CalorieKing because I really believe that logging foods will help me to focus on exactly what I am putting in my mouth. And I have been able to see the breakdown of what kinds of foods I gravitate to. Even if I log food when I have gone way way over my target, I get to see how many calories that is, what kind of weight gain I can see... so it increases my awareness of CAUSALITY !! And that is why I joined Calorie King. It's a bargain and very convenient.

Count down to summer

Thursday, June 11th 2009

A few more days... one more week and then off to the races, the gym, fix it projects and web pages. Whoops forgot the exercise and the new recipes.

Looking forward to summer

Wednesday, June 10th 2009

...when I will begin my own Biggest Loser program. I have a couple of free consultations with the trainers at 24-hr fitness which I will take advantage of. But until then, I just can't seem to concentrate on logging foods, and exercising. It's a bout all I can do to work, come home, clean the garage, do the dishes, take out the garbage and think about clearing out my sister's house so we can sell it. OH and don't forget finding a new tenant for my commercial building. So it's been hard to concen...

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Saturday, June 6th 2009

everytime I watch the Lifetime channel I watch for both of us
everytime I step on the scale I do it for both of us
When I pet snowy-boy I do it for both of us.
When I chose a healthy food, I do it for both of us.
When I went to see Greg blast off, I did it for both of us.

I wear my gold locket with your hair in it everyday
I rub it like a worry stone when I miss you, or when I get anxious
it was so hard to take your name and phone number out of my address book

I know you...

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Made it through another week

Friday, May 29th 2009

...and almost another academic year. Our school is not suffering in this recession, so thank goodness my job is safe for another year. So I will definitely renew my Calorie King program. I am also putting myself on my own Biggest Loser program this summer. So i need to think about what that would mean for me. Not getting any younger but i feel strong.
Still watching Nasa Television on Youtube to see all the videos of the STS-125 mission.

Calorie King works

Thursday, May 28th 2009

All this stress in the last month and I have only gained 4 pounds. I think that is a good result.

Here is a great little youtube video of the Nasa crew of Atlantis giving a news conference in space. My brother is in the lower left. He's a little guy still at his high school weight. Don't you just hate that?