Calories in alcohol

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for alcohol.

Moosehead (view more)

Ales & Beers : Light Lager (4% alc.)

Genesee (view more)

Ales & Beers : Genesee N.A. (0.4% alc.)

Sierra Nevada (view more)

Crown Royal (view more)

Sutter Home (view more)

Wines : Shiraz

Godiva (view more)

Bacardi (view more)

Crispin (view more)

Trader Joe's (view more)

Ales & Beers : Light Lager (5% alc.)

Smirnoff (view more)

Alcoholic Sodas, Coolers : Twisted V, Green Apple (5% alc.)

Average All Brands

Cocktails : Brandy Alexander
Shooters : Amaretto Sours

Bartles & Jaymes (view more)

Alcoholic Sodas, Coolers : Fuzzy Navel Malt Based Cooler (3.2% alc.)
Alcoholic Sodas, Coolers : Exotic Berry Malt Based Cooler (3.2% alc.)

Jose Cuervo (view more)

Summit (view more)

Yuengling (view more)

Ales & Beers : Black & Tan (3.6% alc.)

Lone Star (view more)

Anchor (view more)

Ales & Beers : Porter Beer (5.6% alc.)

Victoria (view more)

Ales & Beers : Lager (4% alc.)

Hamm's (view more)

Midori (view more)

Schlitz (view more)

Ales & Beers : Beer (4.6% alc.)

The Club (view more)

Steinlager (view more)

Ales & Beers : Lager (5% alc.)