Calories in alcohol

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for alcohol.

Heineken (view more)

Ales & Beers : Special Dark (5.3% alc.)

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Cocktail Mixers, Flavorings : Drinking, Tonic Water, non-alcoholic 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
Liquors & Spirits : Rum, 90 proof
Ciders : Dry (5% alc.)
Non Alcoholic Ales & Beers : Non Alcoholic Beer (less than 0.5% alc.)

Rainier (view more)

Ales & Beers : Ale (7.1% alc.)

Sheaf (view more)

Ales & Beers : Stout (5.7% alc.)

The Club (view more)

Baileys (view more)

Bacardi (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Rum, Anejo (40% alc.)

Francesco Rinaldi (view more)

Blue Moon (view more)

Ales & Beers : Grand Cru Ale (8.2% alc.)

Budweiser (view more)

Peter Brewing Company (view more)

Ales & Beers : Pete's Wicked Ale (5.3%)

Seagram (view more)

Alcoholic Sodas, Coolers : Bahama Mama Malt Cooler (3.2% alc.)

Godiva (view more)

Alize (view more)

Liqueurs : Gold Passion

Yuengling (view more)

Ales & Beers : Light (3% alc.)

Icehouse (view more)

Michelob (view more)

Mr & Mrs T (view more)

Cocktail Mixers, Flavorings : Strawberry Daiquiri-Margarita Cocktail Mix
Cocktail Mixers, Flavorings : Margarita Cocktail Mix

Sutter Home (view more)

Wines : White, Cabernet

Arbor Mist (view more)