Calories in alcohol

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for alcohol.

Sutter Home (view more)

Wines : Merlot
Wines : Pinot Noir
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Johnnie Walker (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Whiskey, Black Label (43% alc.)

Coors (view more)

Bacardi (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Rum, Superior (40% alc.)

Budweiser (view more)

Average All Brands

Liquors & Spirits : Rum, 80 proof
Liquors & Spirits : Gin, 80 proof
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Cocktails : Red Bull & Vodka

Dos Equis (view more)

Ales & Beers : XX Amber

Newcastle Brown Ale (view more)

Ales & Beers : Brown Ale

Heineken (view more)

Ales & Beers : Heineken (5% alc.)

Jose Cuervo (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Tequila, Gold (40% alc.)

Steel Reserve (view more)

Captain Morgan (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : White Rum (40% alc.)

Sapporo (view more)

Jack Daniel's (view more)

Seagrams (view more)

Peroni (view more)

Grand Marnier (view more)

Liqueurs : 80 Proof

Tecate (view more)

Ales & Beers : Tecate (4.55% alc.)

Guinness (view more)

Ales & Beers : Extra Stout (6% alc.)

Twisted Tea (view more)

Corona (view more)

Ciroc (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Coconut (35% alc.)

Samuel Adams (view more)

Ales & Beers : Boston Lager (4.9% alc.)