Calories in alcohol

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for alcohol.

Yuengling (view more)

Ales & Beers : Light (3% alc.)

Hurricane (view more)

Lagavulin (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Scotch Whiskey (43% alc.)

Mickey's (view more)

Average All Brands

Cocktails : Daiquiri Cocktail
Cocktails : Greyhound Cocktail
Wines : Red, sparkling
Cocktails : Bourbon & Soda

Miller (view more)

Southern Comfort (view more)

Liqueurs : 100 Proof

Margaritaville (view more)

Cocktail Mixers, Flavorings : Lime Margarita Mix

The Club (view more)

Midori (view more)

Grolsch (view more)

Ales & Beers : Premium Lager (5% Alc.)

Pernod (view more)

Liqueurs : 80 Proof

Beck's (view more)

Non Alcoholic Ales & Beers : Regular (0.3% alc)

Smirnoff (view more)

Bacardi (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Flavored Rum, O (35% alc.)

Shock Top (view more)

Ales & Beers : Pumpkin Beer (5.2% alc.)

Leinenkugel's (view more)

Johnnie Walker (view more)

Liquors & Spirits : Blue Label Whiskey (43% alc.)

Michelob (view more)

Sierra Nevada (view more)