Calories in beef

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for beef.

Omaha Steaks (view more)

Edo Japan (view more)

Menu Items : Beef Udon Soup 3 stars3 stars3 stars

Domino's Pizza (view more)

Moe's Southwest Grill (view more)

Average All Brands

Franks, Wieners & Sausages : Smoked Cured Beef Sausage 2 stars2 stars
Franks, Wieners & Sausages : Beef & Pork Frankfurter 2 stars2 stars
Franks, Wieners & Sausages : Smoked Pork & Beef Sausage 2 stars2 stars

Arby's (view more)

Sandwiches & Burgers : Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider 2 stars2 stars

Golden Corral (view more)

Meal Components : Smoked Beef Brisket 2 stars2 stars

Swanson Broth (view more)

Soups : Beef Broth

Dairy Queen - Brazier (view more)

Sandwiches & Burgers : Beef Hot Dog 2 stars2 stars

Pacific Foods (view more)

Ryan's (view more)

Menu Items : BBQ Beef Ribs 2 stars2 stars

Checkers / Rally's (view more)

Sandwiches & Burgers : All Beef Hot Dog 2 stars2 stars

Jose Ole (view more)

El Monterey (view more)

Lou Malnati's (view more)

Carl's Jr. Green Burrito (view more)

International House of Pancakes (IHOP) (view more)

Taco Time (view more)

Menu Items : Ground Beef Enchilada 3 stars3 stars3 stars

Taco Mayo (view more)

Slim Jim (view more)

Jerky, Meat Snacks : Original Beef Jerky 2 stars2 stars

P.F. Chang's (view more)

Menu Items : Beef Fried Rice

Hardee's Red Burrito (view more)

Salads : Beef Taco Salad 2 stars2 stars

Qdoba (view more)