Calories in beer

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for beer.

Baskin-Robbins (view more)

Michelob (view more)

Budweiser (view more)

Sierra Nevada (view more)

Summit (view more)

Molson (view more)

A&W Restaurant (view more)

Beverages : Root Beer Float 3 stars3 stars3 stars

Miller (view more)

Leinenkugel's (view more)

Jack in the Box (view more)

Beverages : Root Beer Float

Yuengling (view more)

Ales & Beers : Porter (3.6% alc.)

Old Milwaukee (view more)

Ales & Beers : Ice (5.5% alc.)
Ales & Beers : Light (4.3% alc.)

Barq's (view more)

Sodas, Soft Drinks : Diet Root Beer

Natural (view more)

7-Eleven (view more)

Whataburger (view more)

Beverages : Root Beer Shake 3 stars3 stars3 stars

Special Export (view more)

Ales & Beers : Beer (5.6% alc.)

Beck's (view more)

Ales & Beers : Oktoberfest (5% alc)

Extra Gold (view more)

Ales & Beers : Lager (5% alc.)

Pabst (view more)

Ales & Beers : Blue Ribbon (4.7% alc.)

Anchor (view more)

Ales & Beers : Porter Beer (5.6% alc.)

Warsteiner (view more)

Non Alcoholic Ales & Beers : Premium Fresh Non-Alcoholic (0.5% alc.)

Moosehead (view more)

Ales & Beers : Light Lager (4% alc.)

Shock Top (view more)

Ales & Beers : Pumpkin Beer (5.2% alc.)

Henry Weinhard's (view more)

Ales & Beers : India Pale Ale (6% alc.)