Calories in croissant

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for croissant.

Little Debbie (view more)

Sweet Rolls : Shortcake, Strawberry 2 stars2 stars

Average All Brands

Sweet Rolls : Pecan 1 star
Pastries : Apple Croissant 2 stars2 stars
Sweet Rolls : Sweet Roll, with Cheese 2 stars2 stars

Au Bon Pain (view more)

Starbucks (view more)

Casey's General Store (view more)

Mimi's Cafe (view more)

Breakfast : Almond Croissant 1 star

Pillsbury (view more)

Kwik Trip (view more)

Roland (view more)

Athens (view more)

Pastries : Baklava Pastry 1 star

Albertson's (view more)

Pastries : Pastry Bites, Apple 2 stars2 stars

Pepperidge Farm (view more)

Pastries : Apple Turnover
Pastries : Cherry Turnover

Winchell's (view more)

Jimmy Dean (view more)

Breakfasts: Frozen & Packaged : Delights, Turkey Sausage Croissant 2 stars2 stars

Arby's (view more)

Breakfast : Ham & Swiss Croissant 2 stars2 stars

Entenmann's (view more)

Wawa (view more)

Bakery : Plain Croissant

Tim Hortons (view more)

Bakery : Plain Croissant 2 stars2 stars

Trader Joe's (view more)

Pastries : Baklava Ensemble 2 stars2 stars