Calories in honey

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for honey.

Pizza Hut (view more)

Applebee's (view more)

Green Giant (view more)

Frozen Vegetables : Honey Glazed Carrots, frozen 3 stars3 stars3 stars

McAlister's Deli (view more)

Salad Dressings : Honey Mustard Dressing

KFC (view more)

Mimi's Cafe (view more)

Breakfast : Honey Bran Muffin 2 stars2 stars

Malt-O-Meal (view more)

Breakfast Cereals, Ready To Eat : Honey & Oat Blenders Cereal 2 stars2 stars

Kashi (view more)

Breakfast Cereals, Ready To Eat : Heart to Heart, Honey Toasted Oat Cereal 2 stars2 stars

Quizno's (view more)

Bojangles (view more)

Salad Dressings : Honey Dijon Dressing

Nature's Own (view more)

Foster Farms (view more)

Subway (view more)

Albertson's (view more)

Muffins : Honey Raisin Bran 2 stars2 stars

Sara Lee (view more)

Deli & Luncheon Meat : Sliced to Order, Maple Honey Ham 3 stars3 stars3 stars

Tyson (view more)

Sonic Drive-In (view more)

Condiments : Honey Mustard 2 stars2 stars

Boar's Head (view more)

Deli & Luncheon Meat : Maple Glazed Honey Coat Ham 3 stars3 stars3 stars

Zaxby's (view more)

O'Charley's (view more)

Honey Maid (Nabisco) (view more)

Burger King (view more)

Sandwiches & Burgers : Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Wrap 2 stars2 stars

Jack in the Box (view more)

McDonald's (view more)

Condiments : Honey 2 stars2 stars

Starbucks (view more)

Lloyd's Barbeque Company (view more)

Whataburger (view more)

Sandwiches & Burgers : Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich 2 stars2 stars