Calories in sugar

Find nutritional information like calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber for sugar.

Carnation (view more)

Baskin-Robbins (view more)

Tastykake (view more)

Average All Brands

Brach's (view more)

Jell-O (view more)

Red Bull (view more)

Energy/Nutritional Drinks : Sugar-Free

Quaker (view more)

Breakfast Cereals, Ready To Eat : Oatmeal Squares, Brown Sugar 2 stars2 stars

Philadelphia (view more)

Bruster's (view more)

Great American Cookies (view more)

Cookies : Sugar 1 star

See's Candies (view more)

Candy : Sugar Sticks

7-Eleven (view more)

Dunkin' Donuts (view more)

KFC (view more)

TCBY (view more)

Gloria Jeans (view more)

Skinny Cow (view more)

Hardee's (view more)

Braum's (view more)

C&W (view more)

Pop-Tarts (view more)

Breakfasts: Frozen & Packaged : Toaster Pastries, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Unfrosted 1 star

Starbucks (view more)

Lipton (view more)

Fruit/Vegetable Juices : Brisk, Lemonade, Sugar Free

Farmer John (view more)

Costco (view more)

Betty Crocker (view more)

Cookie Mixes : Sugar, dry 2 stars2 stars

Fifty 50 (view more)

Pastry & Pie Crusts : Sugar Free, Graham Cracker Pie Crust 1 star