Any Old Timers Here?

KAK50 - 9:02PM UTC, May 5th 2010

Hello, I am also new to CK and I'm interested in if there is anyone who has been working this program for some time 6 months or longer? What has been your success? What has been the hardest part of the program for you? Any Advice?

PATRUSS - 6:42PM UTC, May 7th 2010

Dear KAK50
Good for you on not giving up. I have been there many times. I feel better, even when I have "gone over" and eaten too much of something if I keep track. It is the old "stay on target, stay on target" and "use the force" method for me.

I find going out to eat very difficult to manage. I do not want to order a green salad and hold the dressing. I can do that at home. I try to plan ahead and see what kinds of foods will fit in my calorie range. I love Thai food and have found that their beef salad (or other meat/fish salads) are low in calorie and filling. My daughter taught me that you can order two appetizers for you meal. Shrimp cocktail is within my calorie range. Besides I love little bites of lots of things more than lots of one thing. If you are going to a chain restaurant, you can check on the food diary listings for calorie values of some of their dishes so you know what you are getting into.

I made a poor choice a couple of days ago when I was hungry and stopped at Starbucks and got a scone to go with my coffee. I could have had a muffin for a more than 100 calorie saving. Live and learn.

Keep up with the good work, Pat

KAK50 - 3:35PM UTC, May 7th 2010

Pat, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I had a bad day yesterday - out to lunch at work which got my sweet tooth going. Usually I would "give up" and then go on a sugar binge. But I came home and tracked my calories and I was surprised that I was only 90 calories over my goal. So back on track today - one day at a time - one meal at a time. You're right I do feel like I have more control and I know that I need to PLAN better so that's one of things I'm trying to do. I do like soup as well and think that would be a good to have some ready to go. Lunch is one of the hardest meals for me - thanks for the good idea.

Again, I really appreciate your note!

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PATRUSS - 10:35PM UTC, May 5th 2010

Hi KAK50
I am an old timer (66 years old) and have been a member about 3 years. Off and on. I lost 60 pounds a couple of years ago and felt wonderful. I like counting calories because I can eat whatever I want if I plan ahead and if I eat only a little bit of the things that have lots of calories (and taste so good).

I like having homemade soups in the fridge that I can have for a satisfying lunch. I like to cook and have found recipes that I can use to make some tasty meals. I eat a lot of salad and use salsa as a salad dressing to add zest. I am not a sweets lover. Bread and butter are my downfall. Popcorn is a big help to me in my diet. I get along quite well on 1200 calories a day.

About a year ago I quit dieting. I am not sure why, but I gained 40 pounds. It was way too easy. I have just gotten back with the program. I wish I got faster results. I guess that is the hardest part for me. It takes so long to get the weight off. The charts help when you can see that you are indeed making progress even if it is slow.

I hate exercise and always have. I do not like to go for walks. I like to work in the garden. I guess I just don't want to do anything that does not have a product at the end...even if the product would be weight loss. But I have discovered water aerobics. I love it! I go to the pool everyday in the summer and 3 days a week in the winter and work for an hour. I feel very virtuous when it is raining and cold and I am still out there in the pool. (I live in northern California, so I am not trudging through snow to do this, just rain and wind.)

It takes a while to get in the habit of measuring and writing everything down, but it gives you the feeling that you are back in control of your life.

I wish you good luck and welcome you. Pat