Dangers of Obesity and Pregnancy

MEREMADDUX - 7:35PM UTC, Sep 14th 2011


Here's the scoop:

I just got married in May to the most wonderful man in the entire world. We're both only 23 but we are 100% certain we want at least 2 kids so naturally, I've been curious as to the effects of weight on pregnancy. I have over 100 lbs. to lose and with much sadness and difficulty, admit that at my current BMI, would be considered morbidly obese (I'm only 5'4" ). I do have mild hypertension but, thankfully I have not developed diabetes (yet) even though it runs in my family and I knew gestational diabetes would be a pretty obvious risk so I did some research.

Turns out women who are obese are at a higher risk for some pretty serious complications, not to mention the problems it can cause the baby.

1. Mothers are more prone to carrying late term (not good since I broke my mother's tail bone on the way out and my husband, who is 6'4" and weighs 180-- stick boy, had to be pulled out with clamps because his head was so big. My lady parts are already saying "no no no no no no no not gonna happen lady, no no no!!!!" Additionally, I dread having a c-section (long story).
2. Mothers more prone to serious complications post-birth: In 2007 it was found that half of all women who died during pregnancy or soon after giving birth were overweight. (HALF!) Not a risk I'm going to be willing to make for myself, baby, or husband. I can't just put myself at risk for abandoning a brand-new father less than a week into parenthood! (Besides, I'm pretty sure he'd never forgive me--)
3. Babies more prone to developing spina bifida, (leading cause of childhood paralysis) regardless of how much folic acid momma bear consumes.

Top three reasons to be healthy BEFORE getting pregnant-- pretty sound arguments if you ask me.
Anyway, knowledge is power and I feel pretty powerfully motivated right now...


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DRACOSMYTH - 2:16PM UTC, Sep 25th 2011

I think that it is awesome you are taking time to get health and do the research before you become pregant. Losing weight is hard to do. I am good and losing hte same 10 pounds. I'll lose it and gain it back thinking that I "get it" now but will slack off on what keeps me losing weight: high intensity excercise and writing down what I eat. I have lost almost 40 pounds and have another 125 or so to go.

Good for you! Keep it up.

One thing I would suggest, write down other reasons why it is good/healthy for you to lose weight if you haven't already done so. Less risk during pregacy is great. But what about heart health? Less risk of a ton of different diseases? Joint health? Longer life?