Finding success with balance....

NICHOLEROBERTSON - 5:22AM UTC, Dec 19th 2008

Federal Way, WA

Does anyone else experience a two week hurdle? I can do really good for two weeks....and then life gets in the way. I am even good at journalling my food for two weeks and then seem to fall off the earth with Calorie King...

What is everyone else doing to lose weight successfully with balance and getting over the hurdles of life? :rolling1:

MYRAJEAN - 4:05AM UTC, May 12th 2009


I think we all have our own kind of difficulties. I have a friend that shared some things that really help me, I hope they will help you too;
One day at a time.
I'm doing this for GD to say thank you for everything he has done for me.
This is a thank you. Reclaiming my life. No EGO. If I cheat, I can't hide it...
If I fall of, I get right back on.

The other day, I was watch the Biggest Loser. They showed their progression from the first day to present day. That is what told me to stay in the game this time.
I happen to be on bed rest for a fall that I had. I am so frustrated!!!!! Prior to the fall I was walking 30 minutes a day, which was quite an achieivement for me.
I wish that I could be out there walking.

Another thing you might want to try is changing the foods you are eatting. Do some research on what foods are retain water and vice versa....

I hope this has helped. Its helped me to share. I need to get back to charting my food.
Good Luck,