Happy New Year from a semi-newbie!

DIANALEERICH - 10:41PM UTC, Jan 1st 2011

San Jose, CA

Drinking a toast (water with lemon) to a fresh start this year. I have a lot to lose and am going to need lots of support and encouragement so I'm glad to have found this group. I have 140 lbs to lose, no small feat, especially with Fibromyalgia and 2 jobs. I've done CalorieKing a couple of times and loved it but something always distracted me after a few months (ie birthday cake, christmas cookies, friday donuts at work is a killer, etc). I'm determined to be in it for the long haul this time.

My start goal for weight loss is a doable 50 lbs this year. Might not seem like much for some but with my pain issues I want to keep my goal realistic. I'm sure that after losing 50 lbs I will have less pain and be able to increase my goals. I look forward to interactive with this group and getting to know you all. Cheers, Di

DIANALEERICH - 2:24AM UTC, Jan 3rd 2011

San Jose, CA

Thanks Amanda!

AKFANN - 12:56AM UTC, Jan 2nd 2011

Southeast Georgia

Hi Di! Welcome to the group and welcome back to CK. Sounds like you’re starting off on the right track today with the water with lemon. We all have to deal with those sinful distractions. Hopefully you can overcome them this go 'round. I work in an office of over-indulgers. So there is constantly something lurking in the break room that could definitely derail me if I allowed it. So I only go in there to refill my water bottle. And I have a nine year old that doesn’t like the healthy stuff so much yet. So there is always something lurking at home too. So I can relate. We have to be strong and remember our goals. I have a picture of the thinner me hanging in the kitchen as a reminder and I revisit my Motivators listed on CK often. It helps maintain my will power.

Well, I wish you all the best! Check in when you need some extra support. We’ll be here for you!


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