Hello! Does anyone have suggestions for low-cal dinners?

SMDRAKE - 2:40AM UTC, Mar 7th 2011

Hi everyone! I just started CK in February. So far I have been doing pretty well during the day, but I find it really tough at dinner time and on the weekends (when I'm with my family). Does anyone have any suggestions for dinners that are around 500 calories or less? Preferably ones for which I can add and subtract veggies as each family member desires. My goals are to eat within my calorie range, but to only serve one meal for the family, not one meal per person. :)

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!!

CHANTELLE23 - 3:21AM UTC, Mar 13th 2011


Hi there, my fav dinners that are pretty low calorie are:
crock pot chili, I just use a package of chili seasoning, black beans, lean ground beef, tomato paste, a large can of diced tomatos, then add fav. veggies from there. Sometimes I eat it with a bit of non fat sour cream, or sometimes I eat low sodium tostitos with it.

Meatballs in the crockpot with honey garlic sauce is also very good. I'll just do up some rice and veggies in the rice cooker, its easy, and low cal. Just mix the ground beef with a bit of liquid egg white, and a handful of cracker crumbs, form into balls, cook on the stove top till brown, then chuck them into the crockpot cover with sauce and let cook.

Hope that gives some inspiration :)

HW: 380
CW: 250
GW: 210